786 Alien Jesus

786 Alien Jesus

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25 Responses to “786 Alien Jesus”

  • Danny Wilten says:

    Hey Bill Job 9:9 – He makes the stars, Orion, Pleiades, and the
    constellations of the southern sky.

    Have you ever considered that Jesus is Adam Kadmon with his head in the
    heavens and his body as the cosmos? The throne is the black hole (Ain Soph)
    and not a space ship? The nebula is the head of Adam. just a thought 😉 

  • Rain says:

    so this 8 is everywhere and i missed it? i see 11:11 all the time, and
    worry about 6 of course, but i’ve never heard this 8 stuff…. oh and btw,
    piss all happened in 2012, what about that? you should organize your vids
    in playlists so i can learn faster…

  • GingerleaStew says:

    Jesus is Thoth, according to the book The Annunaki of Nibiru. Makes sense
    to me! They both gave us a way to save ourselves.

  • Jeremy Trott says:

    Thank you for posting these videos Bill. Very helpful. What if our brains
    are just biological antennas that download a frequency of thought from the
    universe around us? 

  • PavlovsBitch says:

    Humanity has to wake up to the fact that as we allow ‘them’ to treat
    animals, we give ‘them’ permission to do the same to us as ‘they’ consider
    us cattle anyhow. Animals ARE NOT cattle in the first place and should be
    treated with sensitivity and respect.

  • Documentary Magic says:

    Top military insiders confided to Linda Moulton Howe that extraterrestrials
    sent Jesus here to awaken the masses, to leave behind their barbaric ways
    and to live in love. Then of course, they killed him. Two thousand years
    later, not that much has changed. 

  • wptyler17 says:

    Hotep Mr Bill that is not a cross, its a ankh meaning life

  • slimtasty24 says:

    How does this fit into the fact that Jesus 888 is affiliated with the
    Egyptian sun God Helios? was all those other Gods just aliens? and these
    gods came from the Planets and stars…from what I researched. nothing to
    do with aliens. I believe Jesus whose true name was yehoshua was a prophet.
    who was given the name Jesus by the greeks to associate him with their sun

  • jotore says:



    i simply don’t trust reptilians, not that Jesus-lizard or ANY lizard – they
    all got an agenda AGAINST us humans!

  • Brenda Courtien says:

    Bill have you ever watched any videos on the Divine Truth channel? I was
    wondering what your opinion is of this man who claims to be the
    reincarnated Jesus.

  • Joey FREE LIFE says:

    Bill please turn down your gain on your mic volume.Your videos are always
    peaking. Video is hard to watch if the sound isn’t pleasant. You do a
    great job presenting.

  • Blake Mauney says:

    After watching another video of you regarding the Photon and the color
    green, could the ’emerald tablets buried in the temple under the sun’
    simply be a metaphor that the spiritual energy was in the pineal gland via
    the “green light” from the Nebula? Not more than two weeks ago I had asked
    on a post why I was seeing “green” energy configurations during meditation
    and I then came upon the Photon video…. the green was exactly emerald in
    color that I saw. This emerald tablet/green photon light has been on my
    mind ever sinse…. I would be curious for any input into this. =)

  • carpo719 says:

    For those not Familiar with Bill….

  • Rain says:

    hey now!!! what’s goin’ on over here? 🙂 i’m a Christian, but i guess i’m
    insane, coz i used to see visions of Jesus and such, have considered it was
    possibly insanity, but yet i believe in God, totally because of those
    days… i grew up catholic, can you say ‘scrupulosity’? so yeah, it’s taken
    me years to undo the rather satanic version of the bible i was taught. i’m
    a universalist Christian now, but for realsies? you think nothing in the
    Bible happened? why were Jews persecuted, and what were all the Christians
    dying for? and if none of it happened…. hmmm why are there really Jews?

  • strabun777 says:

    Read The Fly by Jacob Lorber, you find the book on scribd, you get amazing
    information about the “annoying” fly. Lorber says the fly is an air
    electricity balancer, and a lifeguard of man. You will look at the fly in a
    different way. 

  • GingerleaStew says:

    Zechariah Sitchen has written many books on this translated from the
    Sumerian Text. I just finished a book written by Gerald R. Clark ( The
    Annunaki of Nibiru). He is continuing Sitchen’s work. It’s fascinating and
    explains SOOOOO much. I recommend reading this body of work maybe starting
    with Clarks and then going back and reading Sitchens. Thank you Bill.
    Stellar work as always!

  • Gerardo Galindo says:

    awesome as always Bill

  • mabel smith says:

    O hope the church people still love me

  • PavlovsBitch says:

    Slugs love cat food. One of my cats insisted on Al Fresco dining and I’d
    find several slugs in her bowl unless I remembered to collect it
    immediately after she’d finished. It must be some form of ultraviolet
    signal like flies to fruit and why ultraviolet lights are used as flytraps.
    Science is very retarded in deciphering the super-intelligence of all
    natural lifeforms and the mind-boggling genius behind it all. The language
    of telempathy which our left-brained ‘civilisation’ has discarded. The
    vaccine IS the virus and that’s how ‘smart’ big farmer pig pharmer is in

  • carpo719 says:

    I already know I am gonna love this one 🙂
    You’re awesome Bill.

  • jotore says:

    WOW – what a reptilian dude – crazy lizard ! ! !

  • PavlovsBitch says:

    As for the magic mushrooms when ‘they’ wrote this stuff abou aliens ….
    according to John M Allegro’s The Magic Mushroom and The Cross, that’s
    where He-Is-Us originated alongside all the cosmic dieties – fungus, the
    sex and drug cults of the ‘jews’ – zealots. It’s where the xmas tree
    lights, fairies, goblins and reindeer spring from – Aminita Muscaria found
    growing by the roots of the pine trees. How dull our xmas celebrations are
    …. compared to the real thing.

  • PumpkinPixie1978 says:

    Thank you so very much for this lesson Bill. 🙂
    You and your lessons are helping me to think outside the box.
    Please, keep your lessons coming because you keep me thirsty for more. 🙂

  • ray bow says:

    What do you think of Joseph Atwill claims that JC was Julius Caesar?

    Red Ice Radio – Joseph Atwill – Hour 1 – Caesar’s Messiah, The Roman
    Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

  • Roald B says:

    This is a good one for conservative christians that belive the universe is
    7000 years old.

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