A Closer Look At Catholicism

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    This is so true …… And yet Catholics do not see this… And yes I too
    see so many Catholics that show No Fruit …. And yet they think all is
    going to Hell but them…. The bible is Gods Word .
    We are the church not a gody looking church or pope. ..
    We only Go to church to worship and praise …. To learn about Him .. Then
    go out and find the lost…
    The lost do not come on there own.. Back to the stall.. We have to go find
    them. So Catholics you are lost. It is another Jesus. It is not the Door
    you are going through. You are trying to go over the wall.

    The council is of men’s ideas of what they think it is no better then the
    dirt on the ground…

  • VinylToVideo says:

    The real truth of the gospel? Has it never occured to anyone that the
    gospel was written years after Jesus’ death? He never told us to write
    anything down, what He told us was to commemorate His death through the
    Sacrifice of the Mass, as shown in the last supper, which we did for years
    before the gospels were written. Don’t forget Protestants broke away from
    the Catholic church; it is them that lacks a full understanding of Jesus
    Christ. Also, any “Christian” group that chooses to attack another
    Christian group (expecially the founding group of Christendom) clearly
    cannot be lead by the Holy Spirit.

  • Salvelinus fontinalis says:

    “By elevating a Works-based system over grace…” —- Um…. I’m not sure
    what Catholicism your talking about, but it’s not true Catholicism.
    James: Faith without Works is Dead.

  • Truth says:

    “works”… satan’s favorite split-hair keyword snare in all apologetic
    Their error is in looking to the efficacy of “ritual” instead of God:

    they are snared into this dependence on the eucharist and stations of the
    cross and the confessional and the first communion and baptism by the whole
    historic precedence, the visual process, a centuries old hierarchy, the
    pomp, this church is the full forum for lie preservation…

    Yes, technically, theologically speaking these sacraments are categorized
    as “works salvation” but this classification is lost on the catholic who
    otherwise is hard pressed to deny their faith in ritual, though happy to
    argue its purpose.

  • Universa Verum says:

    This is funny. He is making a case against himself. “The vastness of the
    Catholic church… its stronghold in europe and latin america. It plays a
    large role around the world….” (Sounds like compliments) man… the
    devil says divide and conquer… that’s protestantism. The Catholic church
    is still here bros, and always will be. Its going to grow… trust me.
    Nations come and they go, denomination upon denomination split… but the
    Catholic Church remains. Its a ROCK. The gates of hell will not stand
    against it. The grand protestant Christian experiment called the USA… is
    failing. It is no longer a Christian nation.

  • jpenrice says:

    The Bible says Jesus himself is God’s Word. (John 1:1-5, 14) The Bible also
    says it is an incomplete record of God’s Word (Jesus), that God’s Word not
    only can’t be completely contained in a book, but that the world could not
    hold all the books necessary to do so. (John 20:30, 21:25) Yet these people
    would have you believe the Bible is the ONLY source of God’s Word,
    exclusive of all others. Their challenge is to present the Bible verse that
    claims the Bible, the incomplete record of God’s Word, is the EXCLUSIVE
    authority. The verse that denies Jesus gave authority to the Apostles (that
    would deny the very definition of the Greek apostolos), that denies he made
    them inspired (“God-breathed”) authority as stated in John 20:22, that
    denies he acted and spoke through them as his instruments after his
    ascension (Mark 16:20, Acts 5:12), that denies Jesus worked through them
    after his ascension to choose new Apostles–establishing apostolic
    succession (Acts 1:23-26), that denies the church (with no mention of
    Scripture) is the pillar and ground of truth (1 Timothy 3:15), that denies
    the church–with no mention of Scripture–is the ultimate place for a
    sinner to hear his fault, and that whoever does not listen to the
    church–again, no mention of Scripture–should be treated as a Gentile or
    tax collector. (Matthew 18:17) Where is this magic Scripture verse that
    contradicts all of this? Where is it?

  • jpenrice says:

    From The Catechism of the Catholic Church: “Justification has been merited
    for us by the passion of Christ…. Justification is the most excellent
    work of God’s love made manifest in Christ Jesus…. Our justification
    comes from the grace of God…. Grace is first and foremost the gift of the
    Spirit who justifies and sanctifies us…. The merit of good works is to be
    attributed in the first place to the grace of God, then to the faithful.
    Man’s merit, moreover, itself is due to God…. Since the initiative
    belongs to God in the order of grace, no one can merit the initial grace of
    forgiveness and justification…. The charity of Christ is the source in us
    of all our merits before God.” So where are you finding this alleged
    “justified by our works” doctrine?

  • jpenrice says:

    From the Council of Trent, Decree Concerning Justification, Canon 1: “If
    anyone says that man can be justified before God by his own works, whether
    done by his own natural powers or through the teaching of the law, without
    divine grace through Jesus Christ, let him be anathema.” Earlier in that
    document it says: [Jesus Christ] merited for us justification by His most
    holy passion on the wood of the cross…. No one can be just except he to
    whom the merits of the passion of our Lord jesus Christ are communicated.”
    Where’s the beef?

  • jpenrice says:

    If you can understand the following, you can begin to understand
    sacraments: Think of a person you love very much. Imagine they could never
    physically touch you. Imagine your relationship is purely spiritual, with
    no touch. They couldn’t even hold your hand or put an arm around you when
    you need encouragement–a purely spiritual relationship without touch.
    Would you feel something was missing? Physical touch is necessary for us
    (studies of newborns who are not held confirm this). It’s just as important
    in our relationship with God. Because we are not purely spiritual beings,
    we are physical as well and need to be touched by the ones we love and who
    love us. God knows this. That’s one reason he took on human flesh–and the
    Gospels tell us people longed to touch him. There is no more intimate
    relationship you can have with another than for your body and blood to
    become one with theirs. This is what Ephesians 5:31-32 is about. The
    Eucharist is where Christ and his bride–the church (Isaiah 62:5)–become
    one flesh. If you can understand this, you can begin to understand
    sacraments. it’s not something we do–it’s something Jesus does for us, his
    beloved bride.

  • jpenrice says:

    “The Bible is the sole, supreme authority.” There must be an authoritative
    source for this statement to be true, otherwise it’s just their opinion.
    The Bible, which they claim is the sole authority, doesn’t say this. So
    this statement must have a non-Biblical source, which by their definition
    makes it false. Simple logic, and zero credibility for them.

  • jpenrice says:

    Why does Paul call the church “the pillar and ground of truth” and not the
    Scriptures? (1 Timothy 3:15) Why does Jesus establish the church as the
    ultimate place for a sinner to hear his fault and not the Scriptures, then
    follows it up with “whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and
    whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven”? (Matthew 18:17-18)
    Where in the Bible does it say the Bible is the ultimate and only source of
    truth–not one source, but the ultimate and only? Book, chapter and verse,

  • Robert Curtis says:

    Jesus Christ started one church, it is the holy catholic church.

  • Kristen Garcia says:

    I was catholic for 30 years.When I looked around me I,nor any of my
    catholic friends/family were living a life that reflected true fruits of
    the spirit.Sure,we went to mass weekly,holy days,confessed,received the
    eucharist but we were not transformed.I see fruits of the spirit in
    noncatholics and they don’t receive the eucharist,yet many catholics that
    do receive it show no fruit and/or practise traditions without
    understanding why.It’s God’s Word that produces changes-that makes one born

  • christinme says:

    so many brought up under this system of fear and guilt have thrown out the
    baby with the bathwater. please don’t give up on christ, just coz ur
    religion let u down. preach the truth brothers !

  • Kristen Garcia says:

    Yes, It breaks my heart but this is true… I wish they had also brought up
    the problem with infant baptism in this video. it creates a false
    understanding when people think they are infused by the holy spirit at
    baptism..catholics think they are christians and that they are a part of
    God’s family at baptism but the majority aren’t born-again. They don’t
    understand WHY they need a savior… they have a hard time seeing
    themselves as sinners because God’s perfect standard is hardly ever

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