A Hindu Maharishi Converts to Christianity

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5 Responses to “A Hindu Maharishi Converts to Christianity”

  • Devan Bhatt says:

    God answers people different ways, who knows God want to show this Saddu a higher truth! Hundreds of hard core Muslims became Christians, Hindus like me received Jesus, Jesus = deliverance, healing, Peace and God With Us, that is the difference, it is not a doctrine or dharma, it is knowing and having God inside of you in a matte of second,nothing to learn, no rituals, no payments, you and God alone, nothing stand in between,no religion, no church or priest, It is personal experience.

  • HalamadridViscabarc1 says:

    u people target fools… come to me.. i will dial the right number for u… Lord shiva

  • Manik Vr says:

    There is noting called living god, if there is god his always lives he is imortal if you suspect a god living , then he is no god only a drama

  • Tonybronx74 says:

    He knows the Living God. This man is no fool. But I know one who is ↓

  • Trilok Singh says:

    A foolish person being called a Maharishi ! He never knew about Dharma.He is a follower of Maya,who is a slave to Bhagwan (You can say Waheguru). This man never understood the spiritually of his land and his ancestors.

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