A Party Election Broadcast by the Protestant Coalition

Sadly the Protestant Coalition, the party set up ex-BNP man Jim Dowson and fronted by “victims campaigner” Wee Willie Frazer were unable to raise the £5000 …
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9 Responses to “A Party Election Broadcast by the Protestant Coalition”

  • mbill says:

    Oh how I long to see PC MLAs.

  • Ifwhator But says:

    Comments are disabled for this video.

  • SaintJohn's says:

    Videos like this really help everyone in NI move forward, constant
    antagonism and mockery of one section of the community. 

  • SunnyWinterMorning says:

    0:21 Willie Frazer’s father was murdered by the IRA in 1975. Willie was 15
    then. Who can blame him for being angry? 

  • Şivan O'Neil says:

    Forgot to sign off with the customary “No Surrender 1690-1488″

  • Shaun Brady says:


  • datankersmyth says:

    Truly inspiring…. <3

  • Judyann Haney says:

    Nobody is looking to make you surrender. Thigh is you would be healthier
    with an Irish Govt who wants rights for all, than a British Govt. who wants
    rights for some. The govt who wants rights for some wont think of turning
    on you, and your Britishness wont save you.

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