A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem

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24 Responses to “A Religious Solution To A Jewish Problem”

  • m3nac3 says:


    Over 80 Nations cant be wrong.

  • Reazzurro90 says:

    Anybody know the name of that glorious background music?

  • tom87pate says:

    Look how many times Biden blinked and moved his fingers when he said he was comfortable with men marrying men. That tells you how he really feels!

  • Isaac Newton says:

    WTF did you come up with that moronic interpretation? It wasn’t safe in the streets because of the homos and they almost broke down the door trying to get to the persons they thought were men. Lot even offered him his daughters but they wanted the men. It’s all in the Bible and very easy to understand, but the sodomites want to twist the scriptures to find excuses to practice their perversion.

  • FunLifeForYou says:

    All the praying won’t help anything, but give the jews more time to corrupt. They must be eliminated from our country now, like so many countries have done before.

  • MorganaTwist says:

    Sodom and Gamorra were not full of “gay” people. It was full of evil inhospitable people thieves and liars. This is why God sent angels to save ONE family (Lot and his kin) from the destruction of Sodom and Gamorra. A man begged god to spare even the tiniest amount of people in that city that may be innocent. God said he would so he saved Lot and his family because they were hospitable to his angel he sent in as a spy whereas others wanted to hurt the angels and rob them.

  • FunLifeForYou says:

    Lying jews own much of the world governments, they are filthy, … they should not be hated, but must be eliminated from every country.

  • ZorlacSkater says:

    This video ist not allowed in germany, i had to use a proxy to watch it? Why?

  • darthvader5300 says:

    The purpose is to brainwash people gradually in a subtle way wt/out arousing suspicions that they are being brainwashed in the process over a long period of time until the people are so thoroughly brainwashed, dumbed-down, indoctrinated that they have no concept of how to distinguish between right & wrong & then that is when these Jews will strike at Christianity through their puppets in governments.

  • 247websolutions says:

    I love you Brother Nathaniel. Here is another possible three step solution: Pray for Jews, pray for the Zionist, pray for the homosexual. Pray earnestly for their salvation as if it were your own that you were praying for. Do good to all even when they do evil to you. Repay their evil with kindness. The Lord is in control and He will separate the sheep from the goats. Heaven is eternal, this world is passing! Shalom.

  • williamsbkbadboi says:

    The Jew issue must start at the beginning- first you must identify the ancient and authentic jews, and then you can discuss who and what belongs to who and what. Identify the real jew and expose the fake

  • Craig Davis says:

    ‘gay’ is a big time media and politicians propaganda. They want to confused the masses and split us. There is know prove of us being ‘gay’. You want to confirm this, MEDITATE. Zen and Buddhist monks know this. it is hidden from the public.

  • litos alitos says:

    IT IS VERY VERY TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • litos alitos says:


  • sarauss says:

    Hey bro, Im a gay jew. so there.

  • ciji1953 says:


  • dmmct99 says:

    To put it a nicer way, I do think it is true that not all the Jews should be painted in the same corrupt category, just like gentiles there are corrupt one everywhere, and many of those unfortunately are very rich and powerful. And though I myself am not Jewish, I certainly couldnt turn on the holy land, or else I couldnt call myself a Christian. What the Rothschilds for instance did has been deserving of being called evil, but I shall not blame every Jew for the Rothschilds, nor should anyone.

  • Antnj81 says:

    just like a liberal to only see what they want to see and then twist the words of others in an attempt to discredit anyone that opposes what they consider to be the standard flow of acceptable social mores. So typical. -__-

  • pegelatrin says:

    Wow.. exclude Jews from banking and teaching, and media.. What a democratic solution.. The kind of society you want assumes that all Jews are the same, and therefore should exclude them from certain positions because of their religious heritage.. So that includes YOU? since most Jews in media are non-religious, i guess this discrimination should apply to anyone with a Jewish mother.. Such as yourself…. idiot.. lets give black different water fountains, and forbid inter-racial marriage to..

  • pneumatictrousers says:

    the theory that the zodiac is based upon the sun traveling through the seasons is incorrect. That calender based system is for those enslaved to materialism. The US education system was taken over to teach you materialistic ideas that there is no right or wrong and actions don’t have consequences so as to fleece the sheep. Go beyond modern textbooks and study old coptic and christian sources. We cherubim have to prove nothing if people won’t listen, follow materialism and then lose everything 🙂

  • DutchLionFrans says:

    The decline of society started by the introduction of the public school on command of Jewish banksters behind the scene -for one reason only: To brainwash society the theory of evolution – the foundational lie of all wrong ideologies that could then be taught building upon this foundation of lies with immense consequences to prepare the world for the New World Order)! Watch the 102 videos of my playlist: “The LIE OF EVOLUTION is the reason for the PUBLIC SCHOOL!” Look for it here on youtube.

  • sssssjjjj1 says:


  • sssssjjjj1 says:

    sun and son are homophones…..only in English….bible wasn’t in English ’til post 1300. It’s a play on words is all. In Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic sun and son and not homophones so that blows the son/sun being zodiac bologna at the root. But if you just believe any film BIG JEW throws out their, you’ll remain their drone. LISTEN TO SPEECH BY BENJAMIN FREEDMAN ON YOUTUBE. LEARN!

  • Dick Voskes says:

    Enen tour Feith in Christ is zo strong, why do you need proof that the new testament is not a story about the sun and zodiac. Just trust your heart.

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