Actress Leah Remini Breaks Free From Scientology

“Actress Leah Remini has thanked fans for their support as rumors swirl that she is leaving the Church of Scientology. A Thursday report in the New York Post…
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25 Responses to “Actress Leah Remini Breaks Free From Scientology”

  • Heather011978 says:

    She was raised in it

  • Anon Amos says:

    they’re all cults, full of shit

  • TheTinaMarble says:

    Go figure that before the video, a scientology ad is showing how good the
    religion is.

  • Willi Bleimeister says:
  • beastachu's youtube subscriptions says:

    Actress Leah Remini Breaks Free From Scientology

  • Saki Tumi says:

    “How bad is the Church of $cientology?” There’s this thing called
    Goggle… may have heard of it.

  • Koastal Lavmetis says:

    They also kill people’s pets. I hope Ortega has his cat secured, because I
    could hear the little guy meowing throughout his interview with Alison Hope
    Wiener on Skype. And that cult really really hates him. Sea Org members are
    forced to have abortions. I really hate these bastards and every time I
    walk by their cult HQ in Toronto, I want to spray paint ‘cult’ all over the
    building, since they really hate that word.

  • Victor Torres says:

    Here we go again with the “retarded” thing… If you can follow the
    conversation you can tell that I used retarded as an expression on a direct
    insult on RuthlessBruttal, not you. Now you are saying that I’m an
    ignoramus because…? Explain to me exactly what about what I wrote thru
    this conversation clearly shows that I lack knowledge. Can’t explain? See,
    I just think that you feel ignored in the real world and come here just to
    type without any basis for your words. If so, eat a dick!

  • whiteowl1415 says:

    LMAO…I love the irony. I wish I had known about them before I got
    ordained by the Universal Life Church.

  • Solomon Kull says:

    Come out of the closet. There’s no need to hide in locker rooms, staring at
    the cocks you wish you could service. You can just come out and say it. Be
    proud of your homosexuality, man. Come out of the closet. It’s okay to love
    the dick, dude. We won’t judge you. You;re only hurting yourself by denying
    your obvious homosexual desires. Your obsession with gay sex is natural —
    you’re gay — and that is okay. We are here for you when you need some
    support, pal. Best of luck telling your dad.

  • revjimbob says:

    No God, no religion.

  • Saki Tumi says:

    Tommy Davis was a pretty good bullshit artist defending $cientology as long
    as his ‘inner dumb-ass’ didn’t take control, which apparently it did more
    and more. Maybe Miss Carriage sent him to one of the cult’s gulags in a
    desert someplace.

  • Adrian Lemarchal says:

    Except in the US, it’s not a church, it’s a cult.

  • whiteowl1415 says:

    Atheism isn’t a religion, I think that is what makes it the exception.
    Personally: I am 7th Day Adhesivist Based on observable fact I have
    determined that the only force capable of holding the Universe together is
    Duct Tape. So we pray to a big Roll of it on a Duct Tape alter and hope
    that the Spirit of Richard Drew will guide us to stick with it through the
    hard times

  • jaykerouac2 says:

    Nice try, Simple Simon…..better luck next time.

  • Koastal Lavmetis says:

    Which is the main reason, fellow Canuck Paul Haggis, dropped out of the
    cult and is calling Ms Remini “brave”. He had no clue of their anti
    homosexual stance. Which makes a lot of them closet gays, since outward
    hatred is usually an expression of inward hatred….meaning gay gay gay.

  • Koastal Lavmetis says:

    Yeah, I often write CNN and tell them journalism is dead. Especially in
    their case. They could make a news doc out of a blade of grass growing, yet
    keep us blind to the reasons we’re able to buy cheap “organic” clothing
    mainly from Bangladesh. All the news that’s fit to manipulate. They are all
    corporations, which according to that dumb ass gov. in the US is entitled
    to person status. They dictate to us what news should be and treat their
    audiences as stupid.

  • Saki Tumi says:

    Maybe they treat voters as being stupid because most people ARE f ‘ing
    stupid. It’s not only the U.S….look at the so-called leaders and the
    people who are really running the show in ANY country. The politicians,
    called ‘representatives’ of the people in some countries, are simply
    representing the banksters and corporations. It’s the old cliche’….follow
    the money. If the regular folks were smarter, the world would have
    different leaders so yes, most people are stupid and are treated as such.

  • Koastal Lavmetis says:

    ….turns out Davis is/was Cruise’s “handler”, “watcher”….creepy stalker
    keeper, whatever you call it & Davis’s wife, was Holmes’s creepy stalker.
    When Davis was being reprimanded, his wife was taking on some of the blame
    too, & speculation is that it was during this time, that gave Katie Holmes
    the chance 2 escape to New York, where the cult has less power. Davis & his
    wife were distracted, & KH was able 2 escape.

  • Solomon Kull says:

    Good or bad, it’s philosophy. I hate Hubbard’s ideas, but it *is*

  • MeeAnnFayette says:

    Like… yes they have the same access to info as everyone but how does
    scientology changes things up for them inside the church (beatings, camps
    etc – hiding some info and caring for them) and how to they treat the most
    “precious cargo” if they leave vs common citizen (harassment, stalking,
    fear tactics..). After all these guys are the ones giving interviews and
    talking to the press all the time.. That always keeps me wondering O.o Well
    done Leah. Now stop seeking for a “religion” 😀

  • fetter Kater says:

    how the hell can you compare Scientology with Christianity? If you stop
    being a Catholic/Protestant/Orthodox etc noone will chase you down and try
    to get you back into the circle like those insane Scientologists do. Get
    your facts straight!

  • gazebo46 says:

    “Leah me alone”????? Couldn’t they do better than that? LOL! I like Leah
    Remini too. She seems very level headed. Glad she left this so called

  • whiteowl1415 says:

    Contradition much?

  • TheSheepSlayer1 says:

    she’s back on the “fuck the shit out of” list.

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