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  • yassine russi says:

    HAHAHA another christian punk who pretend to be truthful Look what he just
    said “the church engaged a neane to go and find a YONG MUSLIMS to marry
    him and to start a new Religion“ and that “YONG MUSLIM“ is suposed to be
    Muhammed really??muhammed was a muslim before even islam started since it
    was started by the “CHURCH“??LOL then how did muhammed know about islam
    before he met that neane???it seems that muhammed had a faster internet
    that even the Catholic church didn’t have….to be a christian=to be a
    retarded punkLOL……To Be continued.^__=


    I never heard of, nor do I know of a Jesus that Islam is talking about.
    Must be one of those false Christs the real JESUS CHRIST warned us about.
    Typical Muslim Satan shit from his shitting hole. I know the prophets of
    Israel quite well, but I never heard of, or know any prophets of Israel
    Islam are talking about. It is more of Satan’s shit flowing from his
    shitting hole. Galatians 1:6-8.

  • ali khan says:

    shit i cannot stop laughing…………………..what a load of

  • jerryholbrook13 says:

    Research this! The catholic church created islam to take back the holy land
    for the mother church. Its true islam is made up.

  • DaTruthChannel01 says:

    So Arab Christians worship Satan!! Lol…..

  • Khalid Stewart says:

    I’m guessing this video was to convince the ignorant? I can’t see someone
    with a open mind believe this garbage.

  • RS Miller says:

    I would suggest that all Muslims and non-Muslims alike, watch this video.
    It’s a real eye opener… Thank you!

  • Jason Gregg says:

    kent hovind? lol…

  • shabir Afghan says:

    Wow Some Stupied People This Dayz :/ 

  • DaTruthChannel01 says:

    So the God of Love! The All Knower drowns the people of Noah pbuh.Knowing
    He is gnna come as His Own Son to die for the Sins of the World.Noah
    pbuh.was a Prophet surely he would of prophecised it and would of thanked
    God he does,t have to build an Ark….Liars..

  • DaTruthChannel01 says:

    Numbers 23:19 God is not a Man that He should Lie! Nor The Son of Man that
    He should Repent! Does God say that which He makes not Good?Or in simple
    terms for a Christian!Does God say that which He does not mean?Yes
    according to the Paulian.God has lied as Jesus pbuh.,who referred himself
    to be The Son of Man,who Repent’s.

  • DaTruthChannel01 says:

    The Massiah that was created for the Gentile’s is a Pagan mangod
    triniterean version they the Romans and Greeks are acustomed to.
    Heraculies! Half Man!Half God! The Jesus pbuh.of Islam is of the tribe of
    Jacob pbuh. Christianity either stems from the Roman Nicene Creed or the
    Ephisean Greek Creed..


  • Mahad Jama says:

    Did I not enjoin upon you, O children of Adam, that you not worship Satan –
    [for] indeed, he is to you a clear enemy –
    And that you worship [only] Me? This is a straight path.
    Quran 36:60-61

  • greg white says:

    Jesus Christ is the Lord! Jesus Christ is the Lord! Mohammed is of the
    devil. Glory to God of the Bible. Allah is the devil, those who think he is
    god are misled. All muslims are misled. Those who are misled and and can’t
    come to the knowledge of truth will burn in Hell. Those who kill Christians
    the children of God and think their doing their god a favor will burn in
    hell. Jesus Christ is the Lord. Glory and honor to the God of Abraham,
    Isaac, and Jacob the true God. Christians our flesh aint nothing but
    garments. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot destroy
    the soul, rather fear Him who can destroy both in hell. Islam religion of
    peace? Islam is the most violent religion in the world. May God destroy the
    works of the devil, and all who are of the devil. Amen

  • iqbal husain says:

    people born and died before birth of christ will go to heaven or hell
    according to Christian dogma ? will some one answer 

  • Eddie Cruz says:

    Kent Hovind mocking the Koran’s factual errors and strange beliefs, when
    his holy book tells him an all-powerful being created itself, that the
    first woman was made from a man’s rib, and that the faithful eat a cracker
    that magically becomes the flesh of their savior. Pot, meet kettle.

  • Marvel Comiks says:

    1 John 2:22 – Such is the Anti-Christ, he denies the Father(God) and the
    Son(Jesus).” Such clarity. And people cannot even see it? Which religion
    rejects Jesus as the Son of God? – Islam.


    Yahweh, Allah & Jehovah are one in the same who is Satan. Isaiah45:7 The
    God of the OT & the Israelites.

  • Abdul Hussain says:

    U dumb as why r u bringing science into religion

  • Marco M says:

    You know the anti christ number is 666 right….. look up the crest on the
    popes crown….. Allah and satan are two different things in the quiran….
    You people are honestly crazy…..

    Go read revelation 11-13

    If you read revelation in the aramaic bible it says that the Devils throne
    is in Rome. 

  • noangel9172 says:

    This actually makes more sense to me than anything else. The catholic
    church is evil. Plain and simple. If you think it’s anything otherwise
    you need to go read a book. Turn off your TV. Stop reading the news.
    Find an alternative news source. Hmmm, IDK. maybe look into all the
    shit the mass media tries to tell you. Research it until you can’t
    anymore. Don’t sit back and think you know everything cause you were told
    it or you learned it in school. schools are run by the powers that be.
    The catholic church has been in control forever. They run everything.
    Pure evil. If you think they wouldn’t do such a thing… you need your
    head examined. They tell us the opposite of what is real and constantly
    manipulate our reality by spoon feeding ideas to us. Indoctrinating us into
    a belief system they want us to adhere to. No big secret really. People
    just need to wake up and realize if we don’t unite in peace and love for
    each other we are doomed. Who really cares who started what or what is
    where. We need to start caring about what were eating, drinking and
    breathing before we don’t care about that anymore too. Wake up people.
    Time to leave the Matrix. 

  • SG MUSIC says:

    Orientalist wanted to looking for defects in the Koran … what he found ?
    ? ! !

    This is the Orientalist Dr. Gary Miller, a professor of mathematics and
    logic in

    University of Toronto missionaries was very active in the call to
    Christianity and also is one of those who have learned a prolific Bible ,
    this guy likes math dramatically …

    Therefore loves logic and logical sequence of things …. One day he wanted
    to read the Koran with a view to find where some of the mistakes that
    strengthen his position when his call for Muslims to the Christian religion

    He had expected to find an old book Koran written since the 14 century
    talking about the desert and so on … but he was stunned that he found it
    …. It was discovered that this book has on things that do not exist in
    any other book in the world … he had expected to find some stressful
    events that have passed on the Prophet Muhammad Pray God be upon him , such
    as the death of his wife Khadija, God bless them , or the death of his
    daughters and sons … but did not find anything so

    But that made him confused he found that there are whole sura in the Koran
    is called Maryam and the honor of Mary, peace be upon her . There is
    unparalleled in the books of the Christians nor in their bibles ! !
    Sura did not find the name of Aisha or Fatima , God bless them …
    And also found that Jesus was mentioned by name 25 times in the Koran while
    the Prophet Muhammad Pray God be upon him , but did not mention the 4 times
    only increased its confused man

    Taking more carefully read the Koran and perhaps find it to heart … but
    he was dumbfounded verse great and wonderful , but a verse No. 82 in Nisa :

    Will they not ponder the Qur’an Had it been from other than Allah they
    would have found therein much discrepancy ”

    Dr. Miller says about this verse ” of scientific principles known at the
    present time is the principle of finding mistakes or errors in fact that
    theories unproven Falsification test … The irony is that the Koran call
    Muslims and non-Muslims to find mistakes in it and will not find …

    He also says about this verse “There is no author in the world has the
    audacity and writing a book and then says this book free of mistakes , but
    on the contrary the Koran tells you no mistakes and even shows you have to
    find where mistakes will not find

    Also verses that Dr. Miller then stop consuming is verse 30 of Surah
    prophets :

    “Or not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were sewn
    together and made from water every neighborhood Shi IFLA believe ”

    Says , “This verse is exactly the subject of scientific research that won
    the Nobel Prize in 1973 and was on the Big Bang theory which states that
    the universe is located is the result of a huge explosion happened from the
    universe and the heavens and planets ”
    Valrtq thing is coherent while the hernia is a loose thing Glory to God

    We come to the other part of the verse , which talk about water as a source
    of life …..
    Dr Miller said it was ” wonders where modern science has proved recently
    that the living cell is composed of the cytoplasm , which represents 80 %
    of the component of the cytoplasm and mainly of water ……

    How can a man my mother lived 1400 years ago that knows all this because he
    does not conductive revelation from heaven

    Dr. Miller, who converted to Islam and later appeared to cast lectures
    around the world …… and also has a lot of debates with Christian clergy
    who was one of them

  • Tony A says:

    Abraham was not only a Muslim [Q. 2:31] but that he was selected by Allah
    to build the Kaaba in Mecca [Q. 2:125-127], and that while doing so he
    established the rituals and beliefs which are the cornerstones of Islamic

    You people are so stupid so tell me why did Abraham built the Kaaba in

  • John Doe says:

    Muhammad was a pedophile, blood-thirsty false prophet, Islam IS devil
    worship! Jesus is the son of God! 

  • Abdul Hussain says:

    Why chat so much crap

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