Angel Caught On Hospital s Security Camera

Angel Caught On Hospital s Security Camera Jesus KJV 1611 Bible Online Read and search The Original King James (KJV) 1611 Bible free online. http://kjv1611bi…
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25 Responses to “Angel Caught On Hospital s Security Camera”

  • MyRook says:

    When her ass can wake up and have an IQ of 145 then I will believe this
    shit. This is so dumb gullible. Idiots think because some glare on a camera
    occurs that it’s an angel. Get a grip people. No wonder us as Americans are
    considered some of the dumbest people in the world

  • ImRomello says:

    lmao you guys are retards 

  • Brad Panter says:

    god should send some of these angels to Africa. 

  • Jaxen Ross says:

    This came out in 2009

  • LONG XIONG says:

    Angels never manifest themselves to humans unless by accident. My spiritual
    opinion is that it is her fate. It wasn’t time for her to go. Everyone has
    a fate that is predetermined that is out of our control. Angels usually are
    seen in our dreams and our dreams are a gateway to the spirit world.

  • CaMb0s0Up says:

    Truly Amazing

  • Angel heart says:

    I love this video it has always touched my heart

  • Danny G says:

    Rev22:8 – I, John, am the one who heard and saw these things. And when I
    heard and saw, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who showed
    me these things. 9But he said to me, “Do not do that. I am a fellow servant
    of yours and of your brethren the prophets and of those who heed the words
    of this book. Worship God.” Yes, angels are real, and no they are not to
    get any of the glory for this miracle. Angels do not heal, God does.

  • Jacob Dowden says:

    If you think that’s an angel, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. It’s obviously
    the Greek god Aesculapius.

  • Jim Jones says:

    I believe in miracles, but because a distorted bright light appeared on a
    security camera, that means there was an angel present? I think this is a
    bit of a stretch, being that that light could be a number of things, and an
    angel is a reach. 

  • Fantassy Sanchez says:

    Now this one I believe. 

  • Elruco Du Plessis says:

    I wanna meet one but not just see like really meet one 

  • Lang Ngindang says:

    God is Great, Alleluia

  • William Wylde says:

    Miracles happen!

  • Leanne Mo says:

    Somebody figured this out a while back. There are windows to the side (out
    of frame), and the sunlight at that time of day/season floods into the
    area, creating a lens flare and an interesting effect that looks like an
    “angel” by way of a still frame of the video and the psychological
    phenomenon called Pareidolia. While it’s explainable, I can understand how
    this religious mother really needed something to help her emotionally at
    that time. +Brad Panter 

  • william starling says:

    The baby was cute.

  • Sara De Smet says:

    I saw an angel once , it was fake

  • Rebecca Morgan says:

    WoW my prayers are with your angel on earth <3

  • Dion Bandola says:

    Beautiful. Bye. GOD Bless. 

  • Criselda Hull says:

    Miracles happen!

  • Kirsten Logan says:

    Miracles happen!

  • maria12175 says:

    Its not fake

  • SVUOBSSESION99 says:

    when i was in second grade i heard the voices of people singing and it
    sounded like when angels sing that you hear on tv and i asked if any one
    else heard it and they said no. The singing was really loud.

  • maria12175 says:

    I believe true

  • Hop The Border Productions says:

    well unless you can prove it , that’s just your speculation

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