Angel’s Revenge | 天上女子 | 천상여자 – Ep.5 (2014.01.24)

Caption translation is available! Learn how to activate captions 中文字幕,请点击右边下面的Caption按钮。 Ep.5: Taejeong visits Jinyu. Taejeong runs out of…

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23 Responses to “Angel’s Revenge | 天上女子 | 천상여자 – Ep.5 (2014.01.24)”

  • mikeycknowsrnb2 says:

    taejong is soooo trash. 

  • Rae-Dio says:

    Anyone else totally hating on Taejong right now and want to hold a fucking
    shotgun to his head and make him apologize to his ex and tell the truth to

  • jiadarabom says:

    OMG! Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  • gelou bautista says:

    Taejoong!! The coach in no breathing haha iknew ittt

  • BelladonnaxIsi says:

    The conversation between Taejeong and his rich girlfriend only proves to me
    that he is after her money and status. If he loved her he would try to come
    clean with her or at least feel bad for lying all the time. But all he
    thinks of is how to get rid of his ex and how to hide everything that could
    lead his new girl to see how he really is. Pathetic. He was dating his ex
    long enough to know what kind of person she is and that she wouldn’t stand
    in his way. But I have to admit that it’s annoying that everyone tries to
    force the baby and his ex on him. In my opinion Ex and Baby are better off
    without him. Screw him! Grandma is right about him!

  • Acerain Gaspar says:

    He’s so damn ambitious.. he’s planning how rid his ex girlfriend…and also
    the aunt she want to rake all over the power of the company and trrying all
    she had to rid taejong..
    I cant wait maria how to revenger her sister..

  • Alt says:

    Now that I think about it, this drama reminds me of Temptation of Wife, but
    recycled. I hope he doesn’t end up killing the baby or anything like that.

  • Karen Francis says:

    Please more episodes KBS, this drama is really good, I’m OBSESSED 

  • Stephee Ballah says:

    Oh poor jiseuk whaaaa

  • ilive4anime says:

    Damn, THIS is good! 

  • TheOfficialOnigiri says:

    Really like where this is going :3 

  • 1a2b3c4d5e18 says:

    I agree with many people that taejeong is a bad person for just breaking it
    off like that to the sister, seriously, they both agree not to see each
    other, yet people keep butting in the problem. They think he has to be
    there for the kid, but if he did, taejeong would probably abuse or hate
    the child for life. Even the sister doesn’t care if he is there, she just
    wants the baby, she doesn’t force him to take care of it with her…. so
    people should stop butting in!!!

  • Amu Torris says:

    Finally!!! :D

  • Yalee Thao says:

    when does Kbs subs for Sirrus ? I wanna watch it .

  • akiko91 says:

    I can’t wait for Monday!

  • kenny wai says:

    Thanks for uploading …. Hhhmmm waiting to next episode , so bad , 

  • LoveyDovey9000 says:

    More plz so good

  • Stephee Ballah says:

    I hate it when women force kids on men if he doesn’t want it he’s forced to
    take care of it and is called a dead beat dad but if she doesn’t want it
    and he does its her choice and women’s right…BULLLLSHITTT

  • Esmeralda Garcia says:

    Taejeong, I hate the guy I really hope he doesn’t get a happy ending. How
    can he say that about his own child. Its true animals take better care of
    their babes them him. A animal is better them him. 

  • bonszai76 says:

    I really loved this drama i like the story i can relate some of it..thanks
    KBS for sharing this to us..

  • Esther Traore says:

    What an ass Taejeong is!

  • Jessica Figueroa says:

    por casualidad alguien sabe como es que están subiendo los episodios, es
    decir es uno por día o como? 

  • Jessica Figueroa says:

    mientras mas avanza la historia mas mal me cae Taejong >.<. Sin embargo la historia cada vez se pone mejor ^^

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