Anonymous Hacker Revealed, Comes Clean on Hacking Westboro Baptist Church

A BBC piece highlighting Anonymous and Lulzsec. This piece features the portion discussing the hacking on The David Pakman show of the Westboro Baptist Churc…

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25 Responses to “Anonymous Hacker Revealed, Comes Clean on Hacking Westboro Baptist Church”

  • bintang anthasena says:

    Is he the anonymous or not

  • Tonee Rhian Rose says:

    Don’t feel bad for hacking the WBC. They deserve every bad thing that
    happens to them!

  • Jake Maxwell says:

    Don’t feel bad my friend we anonymous

  • Jessica M says:

    God is love!!!! Loving one is not a sin …..the sin here is judging one on
    how they choose to live!!! God is the only judge !!! Jesus never spoke
    about homosexualty …he wasn’t bias….his priority was the well being of
    people!!! The 9 passages in the bible have been misinterpret through out
    the years !!! Pushing people away by the tyrants who miss inform the
    public!! If you call yourself a Christian and love Christ and you preach
    hate then you are going behind Christ back teaching hate !!!

  • Kelly Morrison says:

    I don’t think he has anything to be sorry for… I genuinely hope he’s
    sorry for getting caught giving some back to the evil empire that is the
    Westboro Baptist Church and not that he regrets what he did and/or
    attempted. Hold your head high brotha’ you didn’t do anything that I wish I
    could have done myself.

  • TheNuclearManx says:

    By the way, the guy got released… but is banned from deleting his
    internet history. (lol?)

  • tomy kapp says:

    Yikes so many errors in one comment. 1. Telling kids not to engage in fag
    sex which will damn their soul is not harmful to them but helpful. . 2. the
    OT is not wrong: The moral law still stands. The ceremonial an dietary laws
    are done away with. Is it your position that now its OK to kill rape steal
    and commit adultery? 3. God does not love everyone. He hates the workers of
    iniquity Psalm 5:5 and 4. it is GODs judgments you need to be concerned
    with . Your problem is with him. not with me.

  • SKYN3TCR3W says:

    What does God say about harming a child? Its a sin that will never be
    forgiven. So your God that Hates Fags as you call the word. What do you
    think of him now? Cause this is not giving you any justice with him lulz
    also following the old testament is wrong. The laws and rules no longer
    apply. See and start reading the new testament. You will see that God loves
    everyone. Except the sinners that are listed in the new testament and 10
    commandments. Remember tho should not judge unless ye be judged.

  • SKYN3TCR3W says:

    you have got to be kidding me. Another person who thinks and believes in
    YRV. That’s pathetic.

  • SKYN3TCR3W says:

    thats 1 you have broken. You have judged more the 5mil people who choose to
    be gay. Thats 5mil of sins. How many times does God forgive the sinner? You
    think you know the bible so add it up. ‘I do not say to you, up to seven
    times, but up to seventy times seven’ I believe you passed the limit. Next
    troll please stand up!

  • Misha Medley says:

    BAHAHAHAHA, FAG Fred Phelps cries when little 5 year old girls set up
    lemonade stands. Can’t wait for that old shit to die and we can all piss on
    his soggy grave. Have a nice day, hon.

  • MrEpicSqueaky101 says:

    No, they have no other way of having sex other then doing it with little
    boys otherwise they are not whatever they are. I can no realize you are a
    troll. No one could be this stupid.

  • tomy kapp says:

    BAHAHHA FAG priests rape boys you moron.

  • MrEpicSqueaky101 says:

    Bahahahahaha are you an idiot? I’m sorry but it seems Priests molest little
    boys more then any gays would.

  • PersistentParasite says:

    Obv with the priorities of America this guy should become just more prison
    labor… Only chance your country’s got at not getting run over by the oh
    so evil commies in China.

  • Tazz Major says:

    coming from someone who was arrested for touching and who has a drug
    problem. you got a pretty big mouth sinner

  • Jesus Once Said says:

    i’d be like “yeah i broke the law for the greater good and nobody died or
    got hurt. come at me”

  • tomy kapp says:

    you hate God so you hate whoever tells you the truth about him. GOD HATES
    FAGS and you hate me for telling you that.

  • anonymous2344691 says:

    I don’t look like that

  • Gr3ylok says:

    tomy kapp shut your gaymouth.

  • tomy kapp says:

    thank God for hackers in prison.

  • Ryan Chandler says:

    I don’t agree with westboro, but this dude deserves to be jailed for the
    shit he pulled.

  • Goon2006 says:

    I just hope police wont pin all the stuff that anoymouse has ever done on

  • bewilderedkettle says:

    y u bisky?

  • bewilderedkettle says:

    u bisky bro?

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