Anonymous – Message to the Westboro Baptist Church [english]

Hello, Westboro Baptist Church. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Anonymous. As you may not have acknowledged our existence, we, on the otherhand, have…
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25 Responses to “Anonymous – Message to the Westboro Baptist Church [english]”

  • Jayden Stevens says:

    Dear west boro remember this about anynoumous. They do not forgive,they do
    not forget expect them

  • Douglas Huesar says:

    Zeal. Anger or hate. Black an white. No compromise. No humanity. No true
    love. Selfishness. but who am I to judge. I guess it is the same old
    question : Is Nothing Sacred ?

  • Evil Scooter Kitty says:

    Inbreds at Westboro get OWNED! Thank you Anonymous.

  • John Gross says:

    Good for you it’s about time those ignorant assholes got taught a lesson

  • bobbing gamer says:

    Go anonymous

  • Jordan Southwood says:

    I’m so proud of anonymous. 

  • GreatSteamingCatBox says:


  • Hope D-T says:

    I liked it all, but damn, that ending scared me shitless

  • rastafaribro881 says:

    Yo i saw the westboro baptist webpage, i hope it gets hacked or taken down
    man its aweful!

  • Matt Magee says:

    Let it be known

  • Geoffrey Wolter says:

    Can’t say I don’t enjoy seeing someone give these guys the business. 

  • mike ferguson says:
  • Akilez Castillo says:

    We did not forgrt you. We are still watching you.

  • Matthew Barby says:

    *Anonymous’ Message to the Westboro Baptist Church*

    Have you had a tough day today? Well, I know something that will make you
    feel much better 😀 You can rest in the solace that +Anonymous (Official) have
    hacked the Westboro Baptist Church and will continue to do so for
    the foreseeable future.

    If you don’t know who the Westboro Baptist Church are then you’re in for a
    real treat. These misguided and in some cases, deranged, individuals are
    the group that frequent the funerals of soldiers that have died at war
    picket-in-hand. They have also recently announced that they will be
    picketing the funerals of the 26 people that were killed in the recent
    Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in order to “sing praise to God for
    the glory of his work in executing his judgement.”

    Needless to say, this video from Anonymous is just the beginning, but
    hopefully this can raise awareness toward the activities of the Westboro
    Baptist Church, which has been rapidly growing in members over the past

    Get yourself comfortable and enjoy…

  • Ryan Liner says:

    WOW!! That is pretty Damn serious. I’d be shitting if I received this
    Anonymous – Message to the Westboro Baptist Church [english]

  • kpgeorge27 says:

    westboro baptist scum, if you can’t stand behind our troops go stand in
    front of them

  • Meme Lord says:

    Anyone can be Anonymous. You do not understand. Anonymous is a movement and
    a free people. Hacking is only the power of Anonymous. The foundation isn’t
    hacking, SIR. It’s the movement to become pure and whole as a people, and
    become one in our liberty. Learn more about Anonymous before trying to
    explain. I am Anonymous…

  • CopBlocker418 says:

    Anyone can be Anonymous. There is no sign up sheet.

  • cduggelz says:

    It’s comforting to know I’m on the the right side of this feud. That being

  • AntiTroll101 says:

    I think they’re more about…dismantling the site itself, lol. They have
    that power.

  • Kim Gorman says:

    Is the group ‘Anonymous’ allowing new members?

  • Amoris Walker says:

    I produced a short video to show what happened at Cody Patterson’s
    memorial, you can find it on my youtube page.

  • emanuelglezakos says:

    Anonymous , I respect your decisions in every way and I’m pretty sure other
    people do also , if we can help just ask.

  • Mr2000V says:

    im so pissed off , we have to shut down this church

  • Kevin Davids says:


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