Anti-Christ who is it?

The King James Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world, and it is our most popular facsimile reproduction. This year marks its 400th Anniv…

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25 Responses to “Anti-Christ who is it?”

  • Javan Gabriel says:

    I love what u said .U open up my eyes more ! I have been down for a while almost 3 yrs,thinking that something is wrong with me. I let my self down because of my inlaws .We are in different religions ,I know that what im about 2 say shouldnt be , but they made me feel like everything i do was wrong when it came to religion , it had me wondering y ! I will continuing praying 2 god I’m not gonna listen to these negative energy !! Thank u again and continue doing u !

  • KeeperOfGodsWord says:

    Hi I am the mother of the keeper of GODS word, and it is good to hear someone else speaking the the real gospel. sometimes it gets so frustrating, when people do not want to hear the truth. My daughter and I, have been studying the word of GOD for nine years. and have made it our mission to let others, know the truth. not only on our youtube page, but out where the homeless are. KEEP ON SPREADING THE TRUTH GOD BLESS.

  • naturallysweetkandi says:

    Anti Christ is not one person it’s anyone who denies Jesus is the Christ. Who denies Jesus is God n flesh. Sorry but Apostolic Pentecostal churches are not under the Roman Church. The Roman Church is connected through baptism in the trinity. We are baptized in Jesus name only. It’s a big difference. You do have a lot of facts right but not fully understanding. I don’t believe in religion either.

  • Mslector says:

    “The Kingdom of God is inside/within you (and all about you), not in buildings/mansions of wood and stone. (When I am gone) Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift the/a stone and you will find me.”

  • Martin Smith says:

    Well, my sister I give thanks to Yahweh our Elohim for the work that you are doing and here is some more information to back up what you are sharing, for as the Word of truth says, “by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word is established.” Therefore, whosoever will go to youtube and search for “After the Tribulation” by Alex Jones and prepare to learn.

  • Deborah R says:

    Where did you find that large 1611 bible. I’m looking for a large print.

  • AcOrAce7 says:

    Wrong. Jesus was baptized in water.

  • AcOrAce7 says:

    Yes you are, that is apart of Christ’s doctrine.

  • Brandon Campbell says:

    yes your supposed to be baptized but by the word not by water

  • kadz200 says:

    Hi. Good Morning. Im a new to your channel. Just subscribed a few days ago. I was wondering, what church do you go to? I go to a Seventh Day Adventist church, however I don’t necessarily want to associate myself with “religion” if you understand what I mean. The Bible is my “religion”.

  • LoveIsDanswer1 says:

    I find it interesting u mentioned seventh day Adventist 1st.

  • HairNailsBeautytips says:

    Soon my sister, very soon. Love ya! 

  • HairNailsBeautytips says:

    thank you love

  • HairNailsBeautytips says:

    Thank you. I will let you all know by a video. Thanks again!

  • HairNailsBeautytips says:

    I will love thank you for you kind words. Love you!

  • HairNailsBeautytips says:

    Try to contact me via email, this would be the best way for me. I can respond to you back faster. hairnailsbeautytips @

  • ry In says:

    Great video

  • MissTmarie2011 says:

    Would you please explain about the baptism? Are we supposed to baptized?

  • ColdasIcePrincezz says:

    thank you so much I believe in learning and growing. Blessings

  • Lala Alaoui says:

    PART 4:
    The link is from Google: type in the 3 words: inter islam dajjal
    It’s the first link: it describe very thoroughly the AntiChrist traits, carachter, actions and his future actions. Only God knows who the AntiChrist is for now and few of the Prophets sent by God who revealed his arrival.

    God only Guides whom He wants.

    Seek the Truth and ask for God to guide you, me and all humanity.

    Peace Be Upon You All.

    Your sister. Lala

  • Lala Alaoui says:

    Peace Be Upon You Sister Mama Rosa!

    I have tried to email you at
    On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 6:39 PM, Lala Alaoui
    lalasfashion at g mail com wrote:

    Peace Be Upon You dear sister Mama Rosa,

    I know that nothing in this world is left to coincidence: He, Our Lord the
    Most Gracious, The Most Merciful guide whom he wants.

    There is only One God.

    I am a subscriber to your channel and love who you are.

  • Burnt Sienna says:

    Girl, you are on point! I’ve been studying also and have had trouble here lateley with all the contradictions in Christianity, among other things. Been back in forth between the 3 major (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) to find truth. Yes history and language we need to be looking at closely. Keep up your work.

  • hellooutthere8956 says:

    I rarely comment tho I love your channel & love your fam. Interested very interested in your study group. I am right where what you said abt what is the truth they’ve kept hidden. I’m white & imagine u have many white followers. Still that’s not the point is it? Truth is the point & is the two edged sword. Tell ur babies hey hugs & kisses. I will be emailing u abt the study group. Looking forward to it. You are a hoot & I mean tht as a compliment. Right abt atl-i’m frm savannah 🙂 .lol huh

  • BeaKisses says:

    Hey sister, enjoyed the vid……I would love to join you in Bible study…..I couldn’t figure out how to email you on youtube, never did it before Lol…

  • Jenny Ruiz says:

    Subhanallah sister Lala, subhanallah. In shaa’Allah (if Allah wills) she and many of her subscriber will find the truth. She is so very close. Alhamdulillah

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