Anyone else tired of hearing about TomKat and Brangelina?

Anyone else tired of hearing about TomKat and Brangelina?

Anyone else tired of hearing about TomKat and Brangelina?
My gosh, its getting so old….

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Answer by melcw592
you know it sister!

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17 Responses to “Anyone else tired of hearing about TomKat and Brangelina?”

  • panama_city_grl says:

    i know!!!! IT IS SO BORING (sorry, my caps went on)

  • Dont Stop The Music says:

    Hell yeah

  • Angel Valley says:

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jazz lover says:

    I’m sick of ALL the celebrities, Britney, Paris, K-Fed, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, etc. I wish we could send them all to Mars on a one way space ship.

  • carol j says:

    I totally agree! They are SO boring. Who cares what Tom Cruise does? Also Brad Pitt and Angelina are so dull. And those stupid names – TomKat and Brangelina! If I hear them one more time, I will kick in the tv set!

  • carly says:

    oh yeah..tell me about it..ughh

  • shanti804 says:

    I AM!!!!!!!!!!

  • AdDicT of Y!A says:

    Tom Cruise annoys the hell out of me! …Scientology, “The Da Vinci Code” . He’s so anti-Christian!

  • buzzlightminute says:

    I’m with you on this, Karen. Hollywood and celebrities in general are SO self-important and out-of-control. It’s impossible not to hear about them all of the time, and it’s sickening.

  • SUSANNE R says:


  • dale08babe says:

    yes they have totally dragged it out…it is sooo last year…i think that tomkat had tried to make it look bigger than it is because he hasnt done anything good for a long time!!!

  • Allison says:


  • Pamela says:

    Oh, oh me me. I can’t stand either of them.

  • cats says:

    Yes! There are so many more important things going on in the world (Iraq War, terrorism concerns, strange smells in Manhattan, homelessness, OJ being on the loose still, etc). They both stink and I’m sick of the media focusing on these morons!

  • Princesa2dy4 says:


  • isabel_ro1981 says:

    I just ignore any news about them.

  • Undead Monkey says:

    I’m also sick to death of hearing about poor abandoned Jennifer Aniston.

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