Anyone know any good Christian bands?

Anyone know any good Christian bands?
i love Casting Crowns, Relient K, and Apologetix……is there anything else you would recommend?

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Answer by Phil S
Nope. I prefer real music.

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20 Responses to “Anyone know any good Christian bands?”

  • ShouldBeWorking says:


  • emptybliss585 says:


    One word: Amazing.
    Seriously, I love them

  • a.d. says:

    I really like Kutless!

  • Kelsey says:

    Falling Up They are a great band. Look them up on MySpace.

  • mustang says:

    MERCY ME “I CAN ONLY IMAGINE” My Favorite Song

  • huntermichelle2008 says:

    the afters

  • john_cena200520012001 says:

    no who cares

  • chicyuna says:

    I heard that Jars of Clay is pretty good.

  • gravytrain036 says:


  • Rock Star says:

    relient k, day of fire, thousand foot krutch (my fav), and switchfoot.

  • billy says:

    there is relient k
    they are a pop/punk/christian,
    and there is flyleaf,
    and ther is cartel,
    maybe u seen there new music video

  • rasha882 says:

    I prefer gospel type kim burrell and yolanda. I think alot of christian bands are a bit lame.

  • JW says:

    Love Casting Crowns! Also Third Day, 4Him, Philips, Craig and Dean Audio Adrenaline, all the Passion Band cds.

  • says:

    Well i think plus one is atually a pretty good christian group

  • Murderotic says:

    As I Lay Dying is huge in the Christian scene along with Norma Jean. Here’s a clip of them playing the Cornerstone Christian Festival. They were headliners.

  • MO I says:

    I used to listen to The Resurection. They were really hardheavy metal. Old School. Late 70’sEarly 80’s. They were the Christian equal to Led Zeppelin.

  • kids and cats says:

    Depending on where you live, there’s an awesome Christian alternative music station -RADIOU 88.7FM in central Ohio, or you can listen on line @ They play the range of new, trendy, and LOUD Christian music.
    The DJ’s are great, and they keep you up to date about who is going to be in concert where.
    Hope you get a chance to listen – you’ll find good Christian music, that isn’t your parent’s Christian music. But it praises God, none the less.

  • seanski_2110 says:

    As I Lay Dying. Best. Christian. Band. Ever.

  • piano_player says:

    There are all “types” of Christian bands, You have your Contempory Christian, Southern Gospel, Praise and Worship, and even those that are a little hard core “like metal music” It is really a persons own taste as to which you perfer.

    Here are some I would recommend trying: FFH they are contempory christian, 4-him, contemporary christian, Shane & Shane, contempory christian, Todd Agnew, comtemporary/christian rock, Michael W. Smith, does alot of Praise and Worship, Steven Curtis Chapman, contempory & praise and worship, Brian Free and Assurance, southern gospel, Gold City, southern Gospel, David Phelps, southern gospel/contempory, The Gaither Vocal Band-southern gospel, The Talley Trio, southern gospel.

  • I snap kick xscenex kids says:

    august burns red,as I lay dying, norma jean, maylene and the sons of disaster, underoath, and the agony scene.

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