Are Baptists christian?

Are Baptists christian?

or do they just have a water fetish

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14 Responses to “Are Baptists christian?”

  • blessed2bstressedby4 says:

    yes. Any religion that bases their salvation on the blood of Jesus Christ is part of Christianity.

  • starrynight says:

    They, think so.

  • Grim Jack's Ghost says:

    I think they would have to be human first…

  • Kymr says:

    If someone claims to be a Baptist it means that is the religion they follow. A Christian is someone who has given their life to Christ, turned from their sinning ways and has accepted Christ as the Lord and Savior of their life. This is what Baptists believe in however there are people who attend Baptist services that have not been born again, or who haven’t yet given their lives to Christ.

  • On the Radio Uh Oh says:

    Yes, the Baptist faith is under the Protestant umbrella, which is Christian (Protestantism was started in the late Middle Ages when people broke away from the Roman Catholic church).

    Christianity is separated into countless “sub-religions”, Baptism being one of them.

  • Cee T says:

    Some are. The wheat and the tares grow together.

  • Neutual Demon says:

    yea, they are under the catigory “christian”

  • black-thang says:

    Well, I’ am a Baptist and I’ am a Christian. The Bible says the true Christians are those who believe that the only way to Heaven is to believe that Jesus died for their sins. (John 3:16). So, yes. Baptists are Christians if they do this. Some people who claim they are Baptists aren’t really Christians, and this is sad.

  • krabbitry says:

    If “christians” believe the following, then yes, Baptists are christians

    “God created us to know Him.
    He created us with a purpose – to know and glorify Him.
    Psalms 100:3 says that God made us and we are His. When you make something – a car for instance – you own it, you drive it, it is yours. Right? Well God made(created) us and we are His. He is in charge.
    We want to do things our way, so we have problem called sin. Sin is doing things our way and not Gods. Isaiah 53:6 says that we are like sheep, we go astray, we want to go our own way.
    Because of this sin, we separated from God and face death. Our penalty for doing things our way and not God’s(sinning) is death. Death is eternal separation from God. Isaiah 59:2 says that sin separates us from God. We as people seem to think that we can just do “good” things to make up for our bad. Our works, according to Isaiah 64:6, are like filthy rags. It is impossible to clean a window with a filthy rag. It is also impossible to do good works to make up for our bad. But the good news is that God provided a way through Jesus Christ for our sins to be forgiven. Jesus died a horrible death on the cross so that we could be forgiven. The reason Jesus could die in our place is that He was the perfect, sinless Son of God. Because of Jesus’ death and resurection, we can be pardoned. All we have to do is turn to Jesus and trust Him to forgive us and He will. Acts 3:19 says that if we repent our sins will be wiped away. When we believe in Him we will recieve life. God’s promise is life. John 3:16 says that “God so loved the world(us) that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall be saved.” All we have to do is confess with our mouth that He is Lord and He will forgive us, and we will spent eternity with Him in Heaven.”

  • Michelle says:

    The Baptist denomination is one of the many that falls under the Protestant “umbrella.” Of course Protestants, regardless of their leanings, are under the umbrella of Christianity.

    Now whether Baptists “act” Christian is a matter of opinion. I was forced to participate in Baptist ritual until I was an adult and found it mighty distasteful, as I find all religion.

    As far as fetishes go, I find that they do have a fetish for strict control and for contempt for anyone who is different from them, particularly the “liberal” denominations such as Catholicism which many view as a “cult.” Must be the alcohol the Catholics drink which the Baptists begrudgingly deny themselves.

  • Ptah says:

    John the Baptist wasn’t Christian… Christianity didn’t exist until after his death. So, it is possible to be a Baptist and not be a Christian.

  • Eleni.♠ says:

    i should hope so

  • deffendliberty says:

    not all Baptist are christian. only those who are born again. not all Baptist are protestant either . there are independant Baptist. and that water fetish. is reqired by scripture. it’s not a fetish either.

  • Emily R says:

    Why does any person who claim they’re a Christian wear another person’s name? I know they say they believe in Jesus, and pray in Jesus’ name, live their lives for Jesus, and so forth, and I don’t doubt that they really do love Jesus. If that’s the case though, then why can’t anyone just say they are a Christian? When they come face to face with Jesus someday, do they seriously think they can look him straight in the eye and say, “I’m a baptist, or methodist, or lutheran, or presbytarian, or catholic, or episcopalian,” or whatever and honestly think that Jesus will be well pleased with them? Christian means “little Christ.” If you are wearing somebody else’s name, and are proclaiming their name in your faith that you profess, then you are pretty much saying that you are following the teachings of that person “in the name of Christ.” How does anybody think that would make Jesus feel to know that instead of saying you’re a christian (which means, “little Christ……you are following Christ), and christian only, you instead are saying that you’re this ____________?
    I think people are so dulled in their thinking sometimes that they actually don’t think it all the way through. I mean……what really is a baptist christian? or a methodist christian? or a catholic christian? Are you a John the Baptist little Christ, or a John Wesley little Christ, or a Pope little Christ? So, to answer your question, I cannot say they are true christians. Just the world’s view of what a christian is.

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