Are Catholics taking the decline of Catholicism stoically or are they disgracing themselves with foolishness?

Are Catholics taking the decline of Catholicism stoically or are they disgracing themselves with foolishness?
The pope just compared atheism to Nazism. One his high ranking underlings just compared the UK to a third world country. The pope has said that condoms don’t prevent the transmission of HIV. Another of his underlings referred to criticism of child abuse cover up as “petty gossip.” These are just a few examples of how Catholics are reacting to the knowledge that their organization is on the decline. They could be acting with class and dignity, but instead they’re acting like cornered rats, right? Rats that would stoop to any level to survive and to keep their rat-like way of life, right?

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Answer by Crybaby Atheist
“One his high ranking underlings just compared the UK to a third world country.”

No, he didn’t. He said the * airport * looked like a third-world country.

While it was an incredibly stupid thing to say, disseminating incorrect information about it isn’t very smart, either.

Oh, and for the record, I ain’t Catholic.

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10 Responses to “Are Catholics taking the decline of Catholicism stoically or are they disgracing themselves with foolishness?”

  • Jeff S Oops says:

    One man’s religion is another mans’ belly laugh.”
    ~ Isaac Asimov

  • Greg says:

    We’re rats? That’s funny coming the most rabid and belligerent people on earth.

    “The pope is visiting, Ahhhhhh Noooooo!!!! *yanks out hair* *bites own face*” – UK atheists

  • XAndrewX Church Militant Mt10:34 says:

    The Majority of Nazi’s were Atheist….Historical Fact.

    Didnt hear the 3rd World Country comment but I doubt it is in the context you are posting if it was said.

    Harvard has proven Condoms spread AIDS in impoverished nations.

    When there is no Proof it is gossip.

    Our numbers are rising

    Please try harder next time, this was weak even for you

    < <>>

  • John S says:

    RIGHT? — so you are seeking confirmation?

    Well, statistics on World Religions seems to disagree with you.

    Conservative estimates show the Catholic faith holding steady, with as many converts as those leaving or dying.

    Less conversative estimates place the growth rate around 2%, above the population growth rate of many countries.

    More optomistic estimates place it as high as 6%, far exceeding what most non-Catholic Christian faiths are doing.

    Locally. the church has seen some Catholic populations grow as much as 16% in one year.

    Now, truth be told.. things fluctuate all the time, so most studies target a 10-20 year period, similar to a Financial Prospectus.

    From 2004 to 2006, though.. there was only a small increase, which didn’t exactly match the overall increase in the Global population, so in that 2 year span.. the overall percent of the world’s population that is labeled as Catholic fell slightly. But still increased over all, just not as much as the rest of the world.
    Still not a decline though, as it increased from 1.086 billion to 1.098 billion.

    SO…. pick your source.. but I have YET to see a report which says the faith is actually declining.

    People have been hailing the eminent demise of Catholicism for Centuries, perhaps even from the start.. when it was a cult of Judaism.
    So far.. everyone who has said this has been 100% wrong.

    So.. if you are a gambling person… don’t bet against the house.


  • The Hollow Lord says:

    No, yet again another question with misinterpreted information. He said that the UK fought against the Atheist extreme Nazi’s. I’m not sure where you got that comparison from, making things up and twisting facts? You’d make a very good lawyers.

    The Pope apologised for the child abuse accusations and indeed. Many people did make it sound worse than it actually was. indeed it was bad, but some made it sound like crimes against Humanity, which it wasn’t.

    The Church is in decline. Allow me to say this to you…LOL….

    No, you are highly mistaken on that fact, thousands upon thousands in the UK alone are still devout Catholics, Ireland is a dominant Catholic nation, most of central Europe is Catholic. Rome is very Catholic. The Vatican isn’t allowed to remain because it’s just an old relic, it still has power and influence. It is still very strong, in terms of followers, and since it is the first Christian Church, founded by a Saint, i believe it will always be so. No matter how many of those fools say that the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian, which in fact it is. All Christian denominations branched out from it.

    There is no harm in the Pope’s visit to the UK. countless people awaited his arrival, and he was personally welcomed by the Queen. As iv’e said before, if you don’t like the Pope pay no heed to him, it’s really not hard. It does however, seem like only people on the internet speak out against him, the majority of Britain either do not really care about his visit or have been awaiting it with anticipation.

  • clusium1971 says:

    Catholicism has, is, and always will endure.

  • bestonnet_00 says:

    Some Catholics are taking it well, others are disgracing themselves (the later tend to get a lot more press) and still others are deluding themselves into believing that Catholicism isn’t declining (often by noticing that their cult is still growing in absolute terms (largely because of births which isn’t going to last) or that it’s taking market share away from traditional religions in the third world (and ignoring that it’s losing out in the developed world)).

  • lyn1136 says:

    Yes, it is declining. The world sees it, but the members do not. The reason is not necessarily out of “class & dignity” but heresy. The Doctrine is declining. The Church is eclipsing.

    Catholicism is a QUALIFIER –and belief in doctrine is what “qualifies.” What makes a Catholic a Catholic?

    The declining is occurring as Liberation Theology takes over where Catholicism once stood against the world. John Paul 2 was a liberalist, as were his 3 Vatican-2 predecessors. In Catholicism belief in Doctrine identifies or qualifies a Catholic; he could be non-catholic–a catholic who only pretends “catholicism.” It matters not if a cleric tells that person he is “catholic.” Has that cleric qualified himself? Every heresy in Catholicism was begun by a cleric so his clerical status guarantees nothing. Every declining belief in doctrine becomes “subjective” in Liberation Theology, and Humanism takes over where Deism once stood. It is that very heresy against “Outside the Catholic Church There is No Salvation.”

    Diocesan numbers become meaningless without doctrines so what kind of beliefs do the members hold? Numbers are only meaningful if the full TRUE doctrine is embraced. (TRENT, VATICAN COUNCIL ONE, 18 previous councils). Laity is not excused because a cleric can and will intimidate a member.

    When no committment to doctrine is expected none is made. Liberation Theology is the new religion, the New Order–the Novus Ordo–and liberalism declines in the opposite direction from salvation.

    Much more non-Catholicism lies hidden within the ranks of the NUMBERS since Vatican 2. The church is eclipsing. The world can RIGHTLY accuse it of “not being Catholic.”

    Traditional Catholics are found at and all Catholic chapels
    Documents of the Council of Trent (online)
    Documents of Vatican Council 1870 (Council No.19 online)

  • imacatholic2 says:

    “The decline of Catholicism”?

    According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University, the worldwide population of Catholics is as large as it ever has been and is still growing:

    1970 = 653,600,000
    1975 = 709,600,000
    1980 = 783,700,000
    1985 = 852,000,000
    1990 = 928,500,000
    1995 = 989,400,000
    2000 = 1,045,000,000
    2005 = 1,115,000,000
    2008 = 1,166,000,000

    And in the U.S.:

    1965 = 45,600,000
    1975 = 48,700,000
    1985 = 52,300,000
    1995 = 57,400,000
    2000 = 59,900,000
    2005 = 64,800,000
    2010 = 65,600,000

    With love in Christ.

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