are episcopalian catholics with short c and protestants at the same time? how?

are episcopalian catholics with short c and protestants at the same time? how?
why are they protestants and at the same they consider catholic with short c?

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Answer by PaulCyp
Episcopalians are offshoots of the Church of England, 100% Protestant, no connection at all to the true Christian Church.

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  • Satanic Flanders says:

    The Episcopal church, which is considered to be Protestant, branched off from Roman Catholicism while retaining many of its traditions. The Anglo-Catholics you’re talking about are Episcopalians whose rituals, beliefs, and traditions more closely align with that of the Catholic church.

  • Jack says:

    Episcopalians can not technically be considered Protestants because they did not come out as a result of the Protestant Reformation.
    King Henry seceded the Church of England(mother church of the Episcopal Church) from Rome because he was a selfish dick. The Church of England was not part of the Roman Catholic Church but was Catholic in practice and belief.
    Then in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, many people began arguing and fighting over whether or not the established church of England should be Catholic or Protestant. So Elizabeth tacked on some Protestant Principles and formed a church that was the middle way between Catholic and Protestant to end the bloodshed.
    That’s why the Episcopal Church, and the rest of the Anglican Communion, considers itself to be both Catholic and Protestant, or the middle-way. There are “Low Episcopalians” who would only consider themselves to be Protestant, but I’ve never actually run into any. The rest of Episcopalians (broad and Anglo-Catholic/high church) would stick to the original middle-way belief.

    catholic is the Latin word for universal. Catholic church means universal church. Catholic with a C uses universal church as an official title, while catholic with a c is just the general term. Episcopalians use catholic with a lower case c because we do consider ourselves to be the body of Christ here on earth, and accept any universal baptized Christian to participate in the sacraments unlike other churches that are exclusive to people who are not members of their denomination.

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