are Reformation Protestants Christians?

are Reformation Protestants Christians?
many question if Catholics are Christians, and I just bumped into a question that asks if there’s a difference between Orthodoxy and Christianity, so I thought maybe it’s time to ask if Reformation Protestants are Christians. well?

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Answer by Heathen Princess HPFBD
They are missing half thier Bible so who knows.

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  • FreeScotland says:


  • HTacianas says:

    If by “Reformation Protestants” you mean Protestants in general, there are some denominations of Protestants who are heterodox at best, and then some that are clearly heretical.

  • Philip J says:

    While the Holy See claims that the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Orthodox Catholic Church in the West, it has taken the position that Protestants, such as Anglicans, Lutherans, etc., are Christians who belong to other Christian “ecclesial communities.” I take this to mean that, while Protestants are outside the Church (capital “C”), they are not necessarily outside the church (lower case “c”) or outside the Christian faith. Considering the influence that theologians such as Barth, Bonhoeffer, and Moltmann (all Lutheran) have had on theologians of all of Western Christianity, including Roman Catholicism, particularly among German-speaking theologians, including Karl Rahner and Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), it would be difficult to take the position that these non-Roman Catholic theologians were not Christian.

    Grace be unto you and peace.

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