Are there any mixed couples in Baptist Church?

A question from a reader: Is it true Southern Baptist Churches would not allow a mixed race couple join their congregation? If so, why?

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7 Responses to “Are there any mixed couples in Baptist Church?”

  • Dolores G. Llamas says:

    If they won’t, they’re so wrong. I doubt if a Southern Baptist church would deny a racially mixed wedding, though.

    Now Westboro Baptist, that’s another story, more like a horror story.

  • Darwin says:

    Only if they are heterosexual.

  • websparrow2000 says:


  • enter name here says:

    no that is not true…. it’s not common but it is not barred either…. anyone can join and participate in a Southern Baptist Church… mixed race or not… :/

    If you are a part of a mixed race couple (or know of one) that went to a Southern Baptist Church and were ostracized for your (their) relationship… then I would have to say that the Spirit of God wasn’t in that Church to begin with as true Christians don’t care about a silly thing like race.

  • iddotheseer says:

    I don’t think they would. Not sure though.

  • Amy says:

    In the past this was true (although there are black Baptist churches). It was part of the Jim Crow/post slavery/pre civil rights Old South racist culture.

    It’s probably still true in a handful of individual churches.

  • Merry says:

    My sister in law and her husband are Southern Baptists and she’s white and he’s black….so nope

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