Are there any “religious” celebrities that could be considered a good role model?

Are there any “religious” celebrities that could be considered a good role model?
It is sad to see where celebrities today are going…. Paris, Lindsay, brittney, etc…. So are there any good role models out there?

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Answer by Disgustin’ Justin
There are many good role models out there, but that is because of their actions not their beliefs.

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19 Responses to “Are there any “religious” celebrities that could be considered a good role model?”

  • Martin S says:

    How about Kirk Cameron?

    Cameron appeared in several smaller film and television roles in the early 1980s, gaining renown after being cast as “Mike Seaver” in the 1985 television series Growing Pains. He subsequently became a teen idol in the late 1980s, when he appeared on the covers of several teen magazines, including Tiger Beat, Teen Beat, 16 and others.

    Cameron went on to star in a number of films, including 1987’s Like Father Like Son (a body-switch comedy with Dudley Moore), which was a box-office success. His next theatrical film, 1989’s Listen to Me, performed poorly at the box office.

    When he was “about 17 years old” (though others say in 1990) Cameron, who was not raised in a church-going family, converted to evangelical Christianity and began to protest what he perceived as immorality in Growing Pains, ostracizing himself from his fellow cast members. He did not invite them to his wedding. A decade later, Cameron agreed to appear in a Growing Pains TV movie, and apologized to his TV family, attributing his prior behavior to his lack of maturity, according to the 2003 article in Christianity Today.

    When Growing Pains ended in 1992, Cameron went on to star in The WB sitcom Kirk which premiered in 1995 and ended two years later. He has since left mainstream film and works almost exclusively in faith-themed productions, among them the post-Rapture movies Left Behind: The Movie, Left Behind II: Tribulation Force, and Left Behind: World at War. He works with Cloud Ten Pictures, a company which produces Christian-themed movies, and has starred in several of their other films, including Miracle of Cards. The Left Behind Series is probably one of Kirk’s best known roles in the Cloud Ten Pictures movie productions.

    Currently, Cameron partners with fellow evangelist Ray Comfort in training Christians in evangelism. The two have a ministry together called The Way of the Master, which includes a television/video series whose primary aim is to give Christians a support system for creationism and other beliefs that are not accepted within the scientific community. In the series Cameron and Comfort conduct interviews with a variety of evolution deniers. The two also conduct a live daily radio show The Way of the Master Radio Show with Minnesota talk show host Todd Friel.

  • AnotherAtheistLoser says:

    Silly theist, there is no GOD.
    Not that I’m a role model. I’m an atheist, so I have no framework for morality, but nevertheless, I claim to be better than Christians, Jews, and everyone else, and am oftentimes just as much a hypocrite as the theists that I hate.
    I’m so good at being an hypocritical atheist! Yay!
    Go, atheism, go!

  • BOO! says:

    Donny Osmond and Ozzy .

  • Justsyd says:

    Bill Gates…but he’s not religious. That has to mean something.

    Can’t think of any good religious role models.

  • Olivia M says:

    Miley Cyrus AKA “Hannah Montana” and Hilary Duff

    why did I get thumbs down? I have 2 very good in my opinion role models

    I dunno if they’re religious or not, but hey they’re good people

    If I would’ve said “hmmm George Bush, Hitler, yep lotsa good role models” I would’ve gotten a thumbs up, but nOOOO I gave a neither belittling nor prejudice answer and got 2 thumbgs down, not even a thumbs up

  • Miss Catherine says:

    I can tell ya that Mel Gibson – while he’s starred in and directed some good movies – is hardly a good role model.

  • Skippy says:

    Kaka (Brazil and AC Milan) is one of the most famous people in the world, and arguably the best footballer. I assume he is religious based on the “I belong to Jesus” T-Shirt which he revealed under his shirt in the Champions League final.

    He stikes me as a positive role model for kids. He is not very well known in the US because football (soccer) is not huge there, but he is massive everywhere else.

  • Pearl says:

    Oral Roberts is my favorite and I have loved him all of my 57 years on this earth. Billy Graham is another good role model.
    Another young person I like as a role model for kids is Tiger Woods. He always has that sweet smile on his face.

  • Marhamah says:

    I know many celebrities, I like their movie or their songs but i never care about their personal life… coz i hate media that exposes personal life of celebrity, sometimes they are cruel.
    It will be a good things if we find a celebrities figures that religious, But I am doubt on it

  • heir_to_christ says:

    Cliff Richard
    Sid Little

  • st_louis_cardsfan says:

    Yes but don’t laugh…Chuch Norris. Former NBA star David Robbinson. Deon Sanders. Charelton Heston. Brian Litrell from Backstreet boys is a big time Christian Singer now. Stephen Baldwin is a Born Again Christian and he is working with the uban Skate board ministry. Former St Louis Cardinal Baseball pitcher Kent Bottenfield is a wonderful Christian singer. Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz. I am sure there are more I am leaving out. Kirk Cameron. My favorite famous Christian Role Model is Albert Pujols.

  • asafaah says:

    the Sahaba {radi allhu anhum jamia}

  • britbrat902 says:

    Well, there are people like Tia and Tamera Mowry from Sister Sister they are really religous…and wow, I can’t think of too many others at this moment that are, if you’re speaking of young celebrities.

    Oh yeah, and they said that Paris Hilton has also gone religous. I’ll believe that when I see it.

  • Chefed#1 says:

    Sure ,How about jew-Hating ,but good Catholic Mel ,Gibson????

  • Breakfast Monkey says:

    Hmm. They left out a few. I would say Yusef Islam (Cat Stevens) and Bono (from U2)

  • lol-pup says:

    peace my wonderful American muslim
    u should know my brother that no 1 is perfect …..not Muslims not non Muslims…..but Muslims makes mistakes and ask 4 forgiveness ……but others in other religions dont…
    these celebrities maybe dont believe in god… look what happened 2 them……they have no control of their lives..THEY R TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL…..drugs..drinking…..omg
    my role model is prophet Mohammad and “omahat almomneen”that means prophets Mohammad’s wives……..and so should u
    god bless u brother
    2 meet in heaven inshalla Allah”by god’s well”

    proud Muslim girl talkin

  • Samantha says:

    Yep… George Clooney is a good model of being extremely cute! 😀

    BUT seriously… nope… not in Hollywood… you’ve got to look in other countries’ celebrities…

  • faith says:

    Deion Sanders, Dyan Cannon, Chuck Norris, George Foreman,
    Mr.T, Stephen Baldwin, Robin Givens, Brian Littrell, Bono, Charlie Daniels, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, Jim Caviezel, Edie Falco, Reggie White…etc etc.

  • Gwynn T says:

    Curt Camron, Micheal Landon Jr., Rhird Day, Jars of Clay, Jeff Goldbluem (Jewish) Robert Kennedy, The fictions characters Peter Parker is a perfect example of spiritual warfare, so is Neo of Matrix. As far as the cracks about Mel Gibson, I would like to day this: Even though in the last 20 years of showbusiness he made one mistake (a big one) he will not be remembered for The Passion of Christ, Patriot, or Braveheart all Christian based movies and theme, but for the mistake he made.
    I do believe it was written tht Jesus said, “Those who are without sin may cast the first stone.” and “Do not attempt to take out the speck on your brothers eyes until you first remove the beam from yours.”

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