Are you ready for this? – What is “God”, and why are we here? (Deep!)

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25 Responses to “Are you ready for this? – What is “God”, and why are we here? (Deep!)”

  • YouAreCreators says:

    Sorry for the grammatical errors, was kind of in a rush lol 

  • Orlaith Madden says:

    Healing Codes – Alex Loyd.

  • Joseph Holland says:

    I am a creator. I can and will my life better everyday.

  • KingCos Nhemwa says:

    This is fake… Wake up to reality 

  • Joaquin Bare says:

    Basic stuff…But Great stuff! Imagine..A mirror cannot reflect upon itself
    unless shattered and redirected to a myriad of directions and horizons, no
    view right or wrong…just a view trying to apprehend it’s location and
    describe it accurately! That is the essence of the mechanism of
    apprehending itself…and we are part of the one mirror who has shattered
    to comprehend itself! :)

  • 1shalama says:

    This video is pretty awesome. Much truth it. God did say we are Gods. He
    made us in His image. We a mirror reflection of Him. We can do what He can
    do if we believe.

  • Chris Nova says:

    Ok. I always believed this: God is living through me, a
    African-American/Irish/Native American Gay Man. He/She/It wants to
    experience life as Chris. It’s such a weird revelation, but something I’ve
    always felt as I’ve experienced “weird” happenings. I’m always grateful
    that I am apart of this experience/universe. I’m still unsure as to what my
    soul signed up for…..

  • YouAreCreators says:

    Religion has given God a bad reputation. I have done EXTENSIVE research on
    this subject and this video has summed up everything that I personally
    found out for myself. I have read tons of books, read 1,000’s of near death
    experience reports and listened to hours of similar audio. The conclusion
    that I have come to is…God/Source is love, and we are apart of that
    sharing the same qualities…

  • Zac Preston says:

    I need those vids from YouareCreators2 back up! Those vids are Awesome!!!!
    You do they keep getting taken down???? Thanks!

  • Guttley Nico says:

    Beautifull talk, thank your for this upload

  • tero ahola says:

    Can someone help me to feel more powerfully the feeling of beleaving and
    beleaf? please. 

  • Felicity Bissessar says:

    This is basically what Dr Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill, Emmett Fox teached.
    Am I correct? 

  • t gresh says:

    this is #Truth 

  • polescot says:

    Everybody is looking for something that nothing and nobody can give them. 

  • Bel Barcellos says:

    Thank you for posting. It is exactly this! Perfect!! 

  • gatabella3 says:

    This is beautiful…

  • Johan van Rooyen says:


  • Terry Burgess says:

    close to what I thought

  • xtine Carter says:

    I am in perfect health at all times. Every cell in my body vibrates in
    health and for that I am grateful.

  • Sam says:

    God is all and infinite. God cannot be limited in any form. Everything is a
    manifestation of God, or source. God is the notion of “infinity” itself.

  • Rich Handsome says:

    Wow really thoughtful convo thanks! 

  • Kerry Patterson says:

    I believe! Your an amazing wee woman :)

  • manding00 says:

    We have always known this in our hearts just not the mind. Luv ur channel♥

  • Quest4Truth says:

    Offcorse this would be playing advocate to the holographic universe theory
    which scientist are actually finding to be more an more likely. But who
    realy knows…..

  • Abayarde718 says:

    Source is the SOURCE of creation. Always was, always will be. Never had to
    be created it just is…

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