atheism….. help ppl? ?

atheism….. help ppl? ?
ok, so i live in an area in south carolina, and it seems that everyone is christian, execpt me, cuz im atheist. how should i respond when someone asks my religion? i have already made up my mind, so dont try and convert me, but i never gave a definite answer on my religion.

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Answer by J
Say you are an atheist.

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33 Responses to “atheism….. help ppl? ?”

  • cal says:

    atheist carries a label so try…im an atheist. who cares what people thinks

  • duke_of_urls says:

    Just say: “I have no religion.”

  • Dharma Nature says:

    Just tell them that it is personal. They can’t really probe that without appearing very rude, in which case you can always appear offended.

  • adam s, the oregonian cali guy says:

    just say it’s a personal matter and they should respect your right to believe in what you like without getting hounded about it.

  • zach says:

    be all like, “Religion? HAHA whats that?”

  • Alexis says:

    Tell them you don’t have one. Or just that you’re an atheist.

  • Kellie says:

    If you aren’t ashamed of it, then just tell people!
    Or just say you don’t know haha

  • SwizzleStick says:

    Tell them you’re a non-theist.

  • Lion-O says:

    Tell them you belong to the church of the flying spaghetti monster.

  • Mia says:

    just be like, ” still trying to figure it out..” or, ” i dont really follow a religion, i have my own beliefs”

  • Dr. Green says:

    change the subject
    or tell them the truth

  • grady says:

    stand for what you believe in. If thats nothing, then tell them.

  • Josh says:

    say your an atheist. if they hate you automatically or start yelling, then you know that they are not the type of person you want to talk to.

  • Spazzy- McGee says:

    “I don’t have one”.

    Be careful though because a lot of atheists who live in rural areas have been driven out of town by Christians.

  • Templar Rock! is confuzzled ? says:

    Admit you absence of religion. I don’t believe in any religion out there, I have my own. I am proud to say it.

  • Matt W says:

    say you are a pussy cause your scared to speak your religion

  • John K says:

    If you don’t feel comfortable just don’t tell them

  • tennisgirl94 says:

    you’ll be sorry…

  • J Boss says:

    say, “I dont have one.”

    see, simple =)

  • science chick says:

    It depends on the situation. YOu can tell them that you are an atheist. Tell them that you would prefer not to discuss it. Walk away if they get really horrible.

    There is nothing wrong with saying it is personal, especially at work or something like that. It is rude of them to ask you that question, so it is not rude not to answer.

  • Kyle M. says:

    I would probably say my family is protestant unless I know them well. I don’t want to get into a debate with someone all the time. Luckily people don’t ask my religion where I live.

  • Dreamstuff Entity says:

    If somebody asked, I’d say “I’m religion-free”.

  • Hugh G. Rection says:

    tell them you’re close-minded and enjoy remaining ignorant

  • Jesse J says:

    tell them ur muslim,one day jewish another,Buddhist so forth and so on if u don’t believe there cant any repercussions

  • Lindsay L. says:

    Bible Thumper, “So, what’s your religion?”

    You, “I don’t have one.”

    Bible Thumper, “Huh?”

    You, “I said I don’t have one.”

    Bible Thumper, “Why not?”

    You, “Oh, I’m sorry, but I was taught that it’s bad manners to discuss religion with those who I’m not very close to. I’m sure you understand.”

    Top it off with a big smile.

  • not-so-smart-itis says:

    i just tell people that im atheist.there’s no shame in it. if you get in a bad situation though (you know what im talking about, the crazy “you’ll either convert or I’ll shove my shotgun up a$ $ ” types) say that your still trying to find god. i also suggest leaving that place, as they are full of the crazies.

  • John_D says:

    Tell them that you are agnostic.

  • Alexis M says:

    I know what you mean. I’m Atheist and because of it I’ve gotten harassed in school and everything. I live in North Carolina and everybody is super, super Christian. Just tell them straight up that your Atheist and it’s their problem that they have a problem with that.

  • quito718 says:

    I always tell people…even if it bothers them I just tell them that im atheist but I respect every ones religious views….If they try to preach or convert me then its personal and I just walk away….

  • 4saken says:

    You might try just saying “none”, “agnostic” or “pantheism” since it is atheistic. Or something similar to avoid the misconceptions that the word “atheism” has if you don’t want to explain and/or debate it at the time.

  • welltraveledprog says:

    Yeah, I’m with the poster above who said the word “atheist” carries labels. Just say you don’t believe in god, and that should be enough.
    It’s quite likely that people you say that to will reply, “Oh, I can’t believe that! You should come to my church sometime…” So be prepared to let them know that you have good reasons not to believe in god, and that you’re perfectly happy and not “seeking” anything.

    I’ve found that if you calmly state that you have no belief in god and that you’re very happy that way, most people will respect it and let it go. The ones that won’t aren’t the kind of people you’d want to hang around with anyway — people who push beliefs on others — so don’t worry about offending them.

    Peace and best wishes with your rational life.

  • Okay says:

    Your religion, or lack there of, is no one’s business but your own.

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