Atheists: Do you still use the word “God” as a metaphor? Or a derivative thereof as a curse word?

Atheists: Do you still use the word “God” as a metaphor? Or a derivative thereof as a curse word?
I’m an atheist but I still find the metaphor useful at times. I mean, what else is “god” but a personification of the grand scheme of things? She’s basically a literary term.

I still sometimes use it, but I don’t make a habit of it.

Well, my question is, do you still use it?

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Answer by keepoo123
some have a habit of saying o my god

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17 Responses to “Atheists: Do you still use the word “God” as a metaphor? Or a derivative thereof as a curse word?”

  • One of the Gods says:

    no longer since we get quoted out of context way too much.

  • Belphegor says:

    I use the word jesus a lot, like this guy is so good i think he might be working as part time jesus.

    And I use “on my god” all the time.

  • Alexei_N says:

    I prefer to be more specific. (“Allah-damn!” “Oh my Shiva!”…etc.)

  • Look at the baby face says:

    Yup, followed by ‘Jesus Christ’ and praying to god to let me win the lottery… =)

  • Ask a Mexican ¡Hola Guerita! says:

    Sure… I still use it as a metaphor…

  • Hand Banana says:

    Sure, just like you call today Tuesday after the Pagan God Tyr.

    And the term “Oh my God” is actually used in other languages now, because of it’s popularity in the US.

    Watch Mexican TV, they say stuff like “OMG” or “What the hell?”

  • Vi says:

    Yes. I often use it in both metaphorical and blasphemous terms.

  • Random Panther says:

    Gods no.

  • Pete Saw says:

    God is a Metaphor?…….I know what a simily is for, but what’s a metaphor?

  • Womanizer says:

    I say oh my God, when having wild sex.

  • Spread The Love says:

    I always say “oh my god”.

  • Mark Thomas says:

    Growing up in a Christian family and culture, I picked up this bad habit.

    I shouldn’t feel too bad, even Einstein and Hawking use the term “God” when they don’t have any theological pretensions.

  • Arizona Knight Wolf says:

    I use OH MY GOD!! all the freaking time.

  • interested1208 says:


  • Funny Liberal lol. says:

    If I stub my toe I’m not going to say “Gosh darn it” I’m probably going to say “God damn it” because it doesn’t take as much effort to get the words out. Other then situations like that I usually don’t use the word.

  • Skepsikyma says:

    Yes, it’s a useful word. It means one’s conception of the highest possible. When Ayn Rand, an avid atheist, was asked if she believed in God, she replied “God, No!” To her, the highest possible is a creative, productive, rational human being. The individual is God. It is in the name of this that she rejected the Christian idea of God.

  • Controlled Enthusiasm? . says:

    It’s just a word….

    It’s not like you are going to burst into flames for using it.

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