Atheists Taxed For Not Going To Church? (Oh My God!)

Should the government mandate that everyone goes to church? Should atheists be taxed if they don’t attend? Does the Christian Bible claim all gay people will…

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23 Responses to “Atheists Taxed For Not Going To Church? (Oh My God!)”

  • Daealis says:

    That would be great. You’d get the topic prior to going in, do an educated guess on the points the sermon will consist of and go in with a laptop, listen to the sermon and print and hand out rebuttals as people start coming out.

  • TheKatOvTheBlackSun says:

    we know that separation of church and state has been established in this country, buy we’re just gonna ignore that. because we have you’re better health in mind. yeah okay. reasons to be a wing nut.

  • XXxSHOCKNAWExxx says:

    such scoffers!

  • XXxSHOCKNAWExxx says:

    The money is theirs to do as we wish! Right?

  • xinecal law says:

    “The American tax payer also gives “BILLIONS” to Israel”

    I have to correct you on this issue. I cant stand it when people screw things up & completely miss out on an opportunity to make a mind blowing point. Our taxpayers give OVER 30 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE YEAR to Israel, OVER 30 BILLION DOLLARS EVERY SINGLE YEAR! This is outright insulting & disgraceful considering the debt our country has, not to mention what they did to USS Liberty & on 9/11. Israel can go fuck themselves!

  • Tyler Desrosiers says:

    Chick-fil-A clearly uses the same crack derived ingredients as Timmy Hoes, which leaves me wondering where the neo-con church actually stands on drug use.

  • TheSnoopy1750 says:

    I stand corrected – the guy on the right is definitely Shalhoub. 🙂

  • Carr Jourgensen says:

    the only thing church is good for is curing insomnia

  • Carr Jourgensen says:

    i agree with the first 2, but the last one looks more like tony shalhoub (monk)

  • TheSnoopy1750 says:

    These guys remind me of certain celebrities (from left to right) – Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robert De Niro and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

  • Nyako Neko says:

    This is like the jizya that was imposed on people in the Ottoman empire, non Muslims were taxed to believe in their religion to spread religion…does he really want to go back to the 16th century?

  • Brian Mitchell says:

    according to this guys logic we should force people to be atheist and tax those who believe in god. because the average atheist has a higher IQ than theist. and people with higher IQs become doctors and scientist. and thanks to doctors and medical science humans live alot longer now then they did a few hundred years ago thanks to doctors and science. but we dont do that because this is america and you are free to believe what you want. ‘MURICA!

  • Brian Carter says:

    I have to giggle when Christians take the simple step from Faith and belief to “Absolute Certainty!” Actually, if you are in possession of certainty, you are not a person of Faith! (Think about it) It’s ironic then that Science is the bringer of both insight and uncertainty…

  • pacmandrugs says:

    You know what else is good for your health? Jacking it. Maybe we should mandate that too.

  • rossini55 says:

    be careful Nazarene! Zeus is the harbinger of lightning. Don’t go disrespecting the Dodecatheon. Or else.

  • rossini55 says:

    Accident victim: “Hi 911? Yes I think my husband is having a heart attack!”

    911 Operator: “No problem, we will dispatch a church van to take you to the nearest Megachurch and they can administer prayer ASAP”

  • G0d1e55Marcu5 says:

    This fascist fuck, why atheists? Why not the Christians that don’t go, less and less people are going to church.

  • Michael Weston says:

    You forgot the and I don’t have to pay tax part, they need that to help with the limo payments

  • AngryAtheist says:

    This was way too funny. Tax me for not going to church? Good luck collecting it mother fucker.

  • 303shotgun says:

    What a self rightous ingorant cunt.

  • Allen Smith says:

    What do you mean nothing? They give people fear, guilt, mental torture and anguish, feelings of resentment toward others, antipathy, righteousness, judgement for others, lies, discrimination, ignorance, protection from amoral disclosure, false certainty, war, punishment, delusion, repression, political power and some charity. …nothing…huh.

  • jeremy21285 says:

    I find it funny that “Christians” get so defensive and emotional when someone even brings up atheism. I also find it funny that some “Christians” believed that the world was going to end last year. Also if you are a “Christian” and you are so devoted to your faith, then why would you watch a video about Atheism. Mind Blown!!!

  • Conscius Veritas says:

    TV’s Frank!

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