Baby names for twins….boy and girl. Thanks!?

Baby names for twins….boy and girl. Thanks!?

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Answer by I think it is winter ♥
Boy then Girl

Logan and Morgan
Colby and Carleigh
Ethan and Emma
Aiden and Addison

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21 Responses to “Baby names for twins….boy and girl. Thanks!?”

  • kyisha17 says:

    Cole and Kelsey.

  • He Who Walks Behind the Rows says:

    Donnie and Marie

  • Zealand M says:

    if u want funky and trendy names theres,
    Carson & Cadence
    Popular theres,
    Eric & Emily
    Places theres,
    Dallas & Phoenix (those are my cousins names)
    Jesse & Elisa

  • CuriousJ says:

    Aiden & Jaden.

    Michael & Michelle.

  • EmeraldEyes17 says:

    jaden and ashleigh

  • daisy m says:

    Omg my friend is having twins and she is calling them
    Callum and Lilly

  • ♥Cute. says:

    Ebonni && Jayden
    Crystal && Blue

    Have A Great 2008!

  • jannewton2 says:

    pete and repete

  • Diane M says:

    Zoe and Zack
    Jacob and Jenna
    Carrie and Caleb

  • lovemykids says:

    Alyssa and Elijah

  • Mila says:

    Lily and John (Jack)
    Lily and Kenneth (Ken)

  • cnw002 says:

    Aidan and Nadia
    Aidan is Nadia in reverse

    Atarah and Stephen
    Both names mean “crown”, but Atarah is Hebrew and Stephen is Greek.

    Brendan and Sarah
    Brendan means “prince” in Irish while Sarah means “princess” in Hebrew

    Columba and Jemima
    Both names mean “dove”, but Columba is Latin and Jemima is Hebrew

    Dolly and Lloyd
    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Dorothy and Theodore
    Both names are formed from the Greek elements doros “gift” and theos “God”, but the elements are in different order

    Ezra and Ophelia
    Both mean “help”, but Ezra is Hebrew and Ophelia is Greek.

    Ira and Ria
    The names are anagrams of each other.

    Leon and Noel
    The names are each other in reverse.

    Nathaniel and Theodora
    Both names mean “gift of God”, but Nathaniel is Hebrew and Theodora is Greek.

  • meeee! says:

    amy and jamey?
    i like noah and allanah more tho

  • nache_042000 says:

    Alyssa and Allan
    Carly and Carl (both mean strong one)
    Elisa and Eljah
    Teresa and Terrence
    Eva and Evan
    Darius and Daria (both mean Wealthy)

  • susi says:


  • GSH says:

    For a boy and girl:
    Wesley and Rosie

  • msdood1 says:

    Don’t give them similar same spelling names. They are unique and need their own names.

    How about Evan & Aubrey
    Noah & Savannah

  • meek says:

    This list will give you the baby boy name then the baby girl:

    Kellen – Kelley
    Alex – Alexis
    Cashius – Cashmir
    Jaylen – Jayden
    Jimmy – Jenny

  • coolteamblt says:

    I wouldn’t use matching names at all. They’re cute when they’re infants, but it just sounds silly on adults.

    Some ideas:

    James and Eleanor
    Declan and Keira
    Brendan and Sarah
    Theodore and Katherine
    Henry and Olivia
    George and Lucinda/Lucy
    Brennan and Gemma
    Peter and Brenna
    Ryan and Tessa
    Thomas and Regina
    Fionn and Chloe
    Gavin and Delilah
    Quinn and Kate
    Ian and Emma

    Hope these help!

  • Bria says:

    christopher and christina

  • sarah says:

    my twin cousins are adalynn grace and braeden michael

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