Bahagian 48: Bintang Nabi Daud, Salib dan Bulan Sabit (Malay)

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This video is also available in English. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION: “The majority of those who believe in GOD do not do so, without committing idol worship.” Surah 12:106 Holy Quran “Little children, guard yourselves from idols.” 1 John 5:21 Holy Bible WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY IDOL: 1. Image or Symbol used in worship. 2. A Person honored to adoration. 3. Anything on which we set our affections inordinately. peace upon you, friends Sister Becca … Allah Tuhan Bible Quran Koran wanita Al-Qur’an Hadith …

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13 Responses to “Bahagian 48: Bintang Nabi Daud, Salib dan Bulan Sabit (Malay)”

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    peace figafig,
    but many mosque have this symbol on top…making it an idol. i know it shouldn’t be a part of Islam…but it is.

  • figafigafiga says:

    fyi the bulan sabit has no significance in Islam at all other than a symbol . this was never mentioned in any preachings; to idolise the symbol of islam. probably the symbol was made up years before or after. but one thing for sure Islam doesnt teach its ummah to glorify the moon and star except HIM, Allah SWT.

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    yes MDIS,
    i follow the Quran, even though i am in the religon that calls itself “Islam”
    but yes, i am in submission to God alone…which is what the arabic word islam means.

  • MDIS says:

    In actual fact , islam had deviated after the first 3 generations of muslims.

    Islam is not corrupt but during the last 1000 years plus people have been adding on false and unidentified information known as Bi`daah.

    And being a muslim does not need you to follow the Hadiths.

    How can you follow the Quran and teachings of the Quran if you do not accept islam?

    You cannot be an Abrahamic as Abraham himself was not deem as a muslim jew or christian because he was from ancient times.

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    peace again MDIS,
    what is important is for people to accept the Quran, the final Testament, along with the Previous Scriptures.
    even i do not accept “Islam”…as in the religion called that.
    this is because Islam has deviated as well. this is explained further in Parts 49 and 50.

  • MDIS says:

    What was established by Yashua (Esau) or Jesus was not what was established by Saul who became Paul.

    In the Quran ; it was mentioned that we the keepers of God’s Convenants and the Holy Teachings or Books are given our due rights and place in heavens.

    For there shall be no compulsion between all of the three.

    So why are the Christians and Jews still rejecting Islam and the Quran?

    We do not want to convert them over, we just want them to learn and accept just as we accept theirs.

  • MDIS says:

    I understood but surely those before the Quran had deviated from the proper path, lest be that they reject the Quran and the Seal of the Prophets but maketh due by worshipping God ( or trinity in some cases ? )

    Isnt that not accepting what God had wanted the people of the past books to learn and accept the new testament and convenant which was made between God and the Seal of the prophet?.

    Torah-Old testaments
    Old Bible Scriptures-New Testaments
    Quran-New Promises and Convenant

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    peace MDIS,
    yes, it was in Paul’s writings that they were first called: Christians
    but God refers to them by this name, even in the Quran.
    i invite you to watch the video i just posted called:
    Part 5: The Sweet and Bitter Message”
    it is more than just a remake of the original Part 5…it is a different video with the same theme.
    it is relevant to what i just said about Christians in the Quran.
    peace upon you

  • MDIS says:

    That was one weird statement made.
    If the hexagram was indeed a curse laden occultic practice , this is correct since the jews did study kabbalah and other mystic and gnostic practices.

    Ok . . why does Christians make statements that they worship God and the trinity ( in some cases ) when they erected a statue or doll of jesus christ?

    The statement for the (salib) cross was nothing more but to mark the graves and special sites. And jesus did not create Christianity it was coded by Paul.

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    peace brother flame 🙂

  • WhereIsTruth says:

    so good to hear from you brother rez, 🙂

    La elaha elalLah…There is no god but GOD

  • flamezstr33t says:

    good vid for once I wasn’t first one to comment

  • rezatira79 says:

    It is great to do research on religious issues to find the truth.

    God’s religion has no flaws.

    Thanks Allah for this guidance.
    La elaha elallah

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