Baptist wearing a rosary or a regular cross?

Baptist wearing a rosary or a regular cross?

Baptist wearing a rosary or a regular cross?
I am a Christian and attend a Baptist church. I have a regular small gold cross and a brown rosary. Both item do not have Jesus on them which means he has risen for the cross. I am not Catholic, but a Baptist. Is it okay to wear either cross?

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Answer by primoa1970
Rosary beads (if that’s what you’re referring to) in and of themselves are not bad but……very catholic if you ask me

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4 Responses to “Baptist wearing a rosary or a regular cross?”

  • Jackal says:

    The Holy Cross is not meant to be jewellery.

  • Jack Regolith says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over these trivialities!

    Hope this helps.

  • random_jpg says:

    It is your choice, of course, to wear what you like, but a rosary is not a “Baptist” piece of jewelry.

  • Marvin says:

    You can wear them, but you must understand what the Rosary represents.

    The Holy Rosary represents the Virgin Mary’s love and dedication to Christ. It’s important to understand that Baptists don’t really hold Mary to a high degree.

    By wearing the Rosary, you are basically putting lots of emphasis on the Virgin Mary and emphasizing her role in Christianity, namely Catholicism.

    So, although you could wear it, it would not make much sense considering what Baptists believe in.

    Also, some Catholics don’t wear a Rosary because it is considered inappropriate to hang something so Holy around your neck.

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