Basi and Company – The Machine (1/3)

Written by Ken Saro-Wiwa.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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12 Responses to “Basi and Company – The Machine (1/3)”

  • jemmabond says:

    I kid you not – my cousin went to Uniport with her, and indeed when she was
    in Checkmate, entertainment columns always refered to her as one of the
    former Segi’s (Four different actresses played that part, and I think she
    was Segi number three. One of the others, Ethel Ekpe, now hosts 700 Club
    Nigeria). Seriously, just Google the name Mildred Iweka…it’s definately
    her. She is now married, and living in America.

  • december akins says:

    are u serious

  • blackspittle says:

    I say it could be another Ikem Owoh but I suspect it’s the Nkem we
    all know.

  • onkletom benedict says:

    its the same one!!..i heard him say some were that he worked n NTA b4

  • Flakkydiva says:

    I remember watching this has kid!!!!!!!!!!!!What ever happened to Nigerian
    Television with them producing good shows

  • bighomiesleekj says:

    I was really young when this was on. We liked it so much much my cousin was
    named Madam after the madam because she pretended to be her

  • originaldelta says:

    this is a classic,thanks for putting it up,do you have any more?

  • jemmabond says:

    Believe it or not, the lady who plays Segi in this series would later star
    as Ada (Nduka’s wife) in Checkmate. She looks so different here.

  • achi4uuu says:

    NEPA was much beta then, lol

  • onkletom benedict says:

    did any one notice the credits at the beginning(nkem owoh as production

  • nkypinky says:

    Nkem Owoh was also in THINGS FALL APART. As an actor. I stumbled on the
    final episode of the series and was tickled to see our very own Osuofia in
    it. Nice.

  • nkypinky says:

    Is it just me or do Dandy and Madam look alike ‘somehow’?

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