Best Christmas Carol Ever – Written by Children (Northpoint Community Church 2013)

The hilarious Northpoint Community Church Christmas opener from 2013. I didn’t notice this in service but when I watched online I noticed that Andy Stanley w…

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5 Responses to “Best Christmas Carol Ever – Written by Children (Northpoint Community Church 2013)”

  • Joan Benson says:

    Though some may be filled with dismay at this rendition of children’s
    Biblical confusion, having worked taught children for many years, no matter
    how fine the instruction may be, sometimes the facts get scrambled. I
    thought this was well done, and though not meant to be a worship
    experience, it was real and teaches us all that our children DO need
    continued teaching and guidance to get “the story straight.”

  • Brian McKay says:

    I’m sorry that Northpoint Community Church, of Alpharetta, Georgia, does
    not teach its young members of the Nativity of the Son of God, that it
    revels in the ignorance of its members, and that it relishes mocking the
    solemnity of the Nativity of the Incarnate Word with this video that was
    shown during “crissmiss” services that were ‘held’ on Sunday.
    Perhaps Christian disciples should revere the Christ and the solemnity of
    His birth and celebrate the Feast of the Nativity, which we call the
    Christmas, on Christmas Day (today).

  • Lynnette Howell says:

    WOW. Really Brian I know that it would make God smile. Lighten up.

  • Kathy Rogers says:

    Really Brian. Get a life.

  • Shaun Bailey says:

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