Bible Prophecy 2014: Crisis in the Catholic Church

Will the False Prophet take the “daily sacrifice” away from the Prince?

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25 Responses to “Bible Prophecy 2014: Crisis in the Catholic Church”

  • ppsvandijk says:

    Jesus gave a replacing ritual for the lam slaughtering, which was a yearly
    Isn’t it logic that the rememmberance that Jesus gave: the bread and wine
    ritual =
    1. a yearly replacing ritual also?
    2. a symbolic “remembrance” = NOT not a dayly replacement by
    “transsubstantiation”. Who want to slaughter the Lam everyday or every
    week: is that not Lucifer?

  • Peter Rappit says:

    Sin will separate you from the LORD if you continue in it and do not repent
    and turn away. We must keep on believing, encouraging, exhorting and
    warning other church members as well. As for the wicked (those outside of
    Christ) we must preach the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation
    . . .)

  • frankielo1 says:

    Thank you!

  • genesis667 says:

    Here we have yet another incident with a 44 yr old, again…
    Retired seven-times Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher was in
    ‘critical’ condition with head injuries after an off-piste skiing accident
    in the French Alps resort of Meribel, his agent said on Sunday.
    The 44-year-old German was in hospital in Grenoble and under the care of
    Professor Gerard Saillant, 

  • Arturo Rico says:

    The Cenacle was a synagogue where the remains of King David
    were……Christ celebrated the Mass there. The Table as Altar under the
    remain of King David…..just like catholic churches with Altars and under
    remains or relics of saints…..this is the church where Christ will be at
    as Eucharistic Christ …….3 1/2 years later…perhaps the Abomination of
    Desolation ….This is my personal believe. Thank you and God bless us all.

  • Ioan Dănuţ Ovidiu says:


  • says:

    Later in the year I’d like to share some very curious thoughts about the
    Shroud with you, if you’re of a mind to do so.

  • salvatore Perna says:

    Adultere is for giben though the bolos Of Christ
    Judas did not repent

  • James Steidl says:

    Hey there William. If you’re the co-prophet, who is the other one?

  • Arturo Rico says:

    Pope Francis is the good Pope…The “third temple” is Christ…..however
    the Upper Room or Cenacle is I believe the place where Jesus celebrated the
    First Mass. Pope Francis has already obtained the Cenacle from Israel. This
    location could be the place where Christ would reign as the Eucharistic
    Christ. from Israel. 

  • Joy Ann El-Khouri says:

    Third Eagle this is what I wanted to ask you. René Angelil who is the
    husband and manager of singer Céline Dion was married twice before he
    married Céline and is a divorced man. René and Céline married in a
    Catholic church in Montréal Québec and it was a cathedral. René was a
    Melokite Catholic (Eastern Syriac Church) and how could this have
    happened. They were married back in 1994. Another thing is that I saw
    former President Clinton receiving communion and he is a Baptist. None of
    this makes any sense at all to me. What is going on Third Eagle?

  • Bernardo Anabainōn says:

    Given through Maria Divine Mercy…

    “My dearly beloved daughter, go, all of you, into the world and spread the
    Gospels, for you will need to do this before the persecution of My Church
    begins in earnest.

    You must place all your trust in Me and be comforted in the knowledge that
    when the Great Day comes, you will be lifted, body and soul, into My Arms,
    in just the blink of an eye. This is why you must, with love and patience,
    remind the world of My Teachings. Remind them that sin exists and will be
    forgiven, but they must ask Me for forgiveness first. No matter they are
    told that sin is second nature to man, they must know that, as God’s
    children, they must ask for reconciliation every single time, irrespective
    as to how insignificant their sins may seem. Sin is what separates you from
    God. The more you sin, the darker you will become; the deeper anguish you
    will feel and you will be so restless that nothing but My Grace will ease
    your pain or bring you real peace.

    Know that when the reign of heresy commences, that those who become
    involved with it will feel a terrible loneliness and wretchedness. Yet, to
    the outside world, all will seem to be acceptable to the Church. While you
    will struggle internally, all exterior rituals, conducted in the name of a
    global united church, will make you feel uneasy. Within six months of the
    heresy being introduced into My Church, many who ignored My Call, will flee
    and seek out those who remained true to My Holy Word. Then My Army will
    swell, grow and gather the remnants from all Christian churches and fight
    the spirit of evil.

    The schism in My Church will be broken into different stages. The first
    stage will be when only those who truly know Me, and understand the Truth
    of the Holy Gospels, will decide that they cannot accept lies in My Name.
    The second stage will come about when people are denied the Holy
    Sacraments, as they are meant to be. The third stage will be when My
    Churches have been desecrated and that will be when My sacred servants
    will, at last, understand the Truth contained in the Book of Revelation.

    My prophets do not lie. They do not like what they are asked to do. They
    reveal only My Holy Word and what they are instructed to do by the Holy
    Will of My Father. The signs that the last prophet – the only prophet given
    permission from Heaven today to prepare the world for the Second Coming –
    has come are here now. When you understand that the prophecies, given to
    the world from Heaven, amount to this – to increase your faith and to
    ensure that you remain true to My Holy Word, then you will accept them.
    When they take place, as revealed, then you will know the Truth.

    Be ready. Be at peace, for I will walk with all of you who gather now to
    form My Remnant Army on Earth.

    Your Jesus”

  • Brian Taylor says:

    Mr. Tapley, we don’t know for sure Petrus Romanus is a good Pope just yet.
    It says he nourishes his sheep during many tribulations. Perhaps, that is
    the people who are left behind after the Rapture? He seems like a great
    guy, but I’m a little suspicious of him.

  • Mônica Miranda says:

    It sounds that German priests need to read the Gospels again.

    The Catholic church will not stand, if she becomes so divided concerning
    the doctrine.

    If the church decides to give communion to people who got divorced and
    remarried, most Catholic people will not leave the church or see anything
    wrong with this.

    People who cease to be Roman Catholic do this for different reasons.

    Thank you for posting this.

  • Morn Wood says:

    In 4 months we will all see, hell is literally gonna break loose. Please
    mr.tapley make a video dedicated to this time of happenings that are very
    important. People must get prepared and must get to know god better. 

  • AM Joseph says:

    the excuse I heard from a deacon is “we cannot refuse the Holy Communion
    because we don’t know if they had repented right before the Mass. We cannot
    assume the worst”….what do you say to THAT?

  • urimaster says:

    can humanity save itself?

  • Drew Blanton says:

    It sounds like it will be what you say.

  • Karl Möller says:

    You are absolutely right!

  • David Barnes says:

    Quick question. I’m not Jewish, but I read up that they keep the
    commandment of the Sabbath, but, they do it on Saturdays.
    Why don’t any churches do that on Saturday, instead of Sunday? I know some
    of it was due to the Constantine era.

  • wjdonner says:

    The `Great Tribulation` is the `Wrath of God` upon the world (Revelation
    15, 16 17 and 18).

    It is primarily poured out on the coalition of the Antichrist (7 heads and
    10 horns) and will probably affect the whole world.

    Matthew 24:16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:

    This text suggests that the State of Israel will be either the headquarters
    of the Antichrist or that the 3rd temple will be built and that an idol
    will be put inside it (image of the beast – Revelation 13:15) or both.

    The text in Matthew 24:16 does NOT say; let all the inhabitants of Rome or
    Europe or the world flee. It seems to point directly to the crime scene,
    which is the State of Israel.

    After the `Wrath of God` has been poured out upon the coalition of the
    beast we see that Christ attacks the very same crime scene which is the
    State of Israel.

    The Antichrist and his allies will try to defend themselves in that place
    but will be soundly defeated (Revelation 19:17-21) and this will be the end
    of the Roman Empire in our times (the feet of the dream-idol of King
    Nebuchadnezzar – Daniel 2).

  • mxkxylplk says:

    forgive me for speaking out of place if not bluntly over what i’m about to
    say but, I just cannot see how Judas was considered a traitor when Christ
    KNEW that His mission on earth was suppose to be to sacrifice Himself when
    he went to Jerusalem in order to reconcile Man with God and to promise
    eternal life after death. There was also a recent discovery in Egypt around
    2001 or something that revealed the hidden writings of the Gospel of Judas
    Iscariot which, for some reason, was not added to the New Testament.
    Scholars theorize after deciphering/reading it that Judas did not want to
    betray the Messiah and that he agonized over the decision. Further, it said
    during the last supper, Christ was compassionate and assuring Judas of his
    mission to tell the Sanhedrin, or “to do what he must do” to get the ball
    rolling. For centuries scribes have tried to paint Judas as evil but that
    his gospel told another point of view that he was so distraught over the
    decision to betray Jesus, that he killed himself. They’ve carbon dated the
    scrolls and revealed it dates back to around the 1st Century (10 AD – 300
    AD). Of course, it can always be said this might’ve have been written by
    another scribe at the time who had his own agenda.

    anyway, great video Mr. Tapley. Happy New Year.

  • Milburn Cherian says:

    I wish you would read all of Maria Divine Mercy’s messages which are
    hundred percent from Heaven, not an error in those messages, also get your
    info on the last supper from Maria Valtorta’s 5 volumes ‘The Poem Of The
    Man-God’, that too is from Christ Himself. A must read for man to recognise
    the voice of his Shepherd. 

  • nhendrych says:

    What you suggest -that Jesus himself through the power of the Holy Spirit
    will take away the Eucharist as a valid sacrament–because of the
    disrespect to His holy sacraments—- and following His anger the “great
    tribulation” will start-Peace 

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