Bill Maher, the greatest: about religion

This man is an atheist, and “sent by God” to give us serious doubts about believing in stupid ideas ! Who is this God anyway, has he or she fallen to sleep, …
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24 Responses to “Bill Maher, the greatest: about religion”

  • Jon Bovi says:

    seek the truth of life
    go to Truthcontest,com and read THE PRESENT

  • mfc0040 says:

    That may be, but do you know who directed his film “Religulous?” Go ahead…look it up. Jewish people are NOT the Jews. They’re counterfeits. Until you realize that, you won’t understand anything. You’re under a spell. Wake up.

  • Sugar Cane says:

    Because unlike someone who uses the word ‘infidel’, he’s a reasonable, clear-thinking, intelligent man, not a mud hut special in the land of stupid.

  • Sugar Cane says:

    omg…are you one of those freaks who sees conspiracies in every shadow or what? Get a clue. He’s not a religious person–having been raised as a Catholic, he has made a conscious decision to REJECT religion…which is, on it’s own, proof in and of itself that it’s not a religion. Duhhh.

  • ace roger says:

    atheism is a religion like not playing basketball is a sport

  • Arjjacks says:


  • Mikael Sjögren says:

    – Hahaha… you’re the man, my friend !

  • Mikael Sjögren says:

    – Hahaha ! “Hired agent by Jewish Zionists to lie to you”. Well, I guess that it reveals different brain capacities. You for sure believe in ghosts, mfc0040. This was THE MOST WEIRD COMMENT I EVER READ !!!
    – Yes, mfc0040, YOU are FOR SURE UNEDUCATED !!!
    But thanks for a huge laugh, this was hilarious !

  • mfc0040 says:

    I’m uneducated yet I cited something as simple as the dictionary. Bill Maher is a hired agent by Jewish Zionists to lie to you. The fact that you defend him just proves you’ve been played. Moron.

  • Mikael Sjögren says:

    – YOU are using the word “douchebag” , that makes us sane people laught !!!
    Atheism is NOT a religion, on the contrary.
    You are proving yourself to be an uneducadet idiot, my friend !
    We all feel sorry for you !!!

  • Kiwikilljoy says:

    I’m going to unbaptize the shit out of my religious friends.

  • mfc0040 says:

    Once again, Bill Maher is a lying douchebag. His atheism is his religion. Another definition of religion is “any practice that someone or some group is devoted to.” He lies with his smug little face while Larry Charles fingers him.

  • Andrew Elliot says:

    be we can think for ourselves….

  • jean pierre kagan says:

    Hello buddY!

  • Krangle72 says:

    Corporations seem to be more evil than government, at least in the US

  • el muano says:

    wow! I really like this. In few words perfectly explains the irrefutable contradiction between infinity power and infinite good

  • hamad ibraheam says:

    bernard shaw said:(the world much needs a man with mohammed,s bright thinking)


  • EvilAgent93 says:

    Hey bill lets do something a little more interesting. Lets make fun of Judaism.

  • Nick Austin says:

    “atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex postion” i lol ed

  • Marcara081 says:

    Maher is intelligent enough to reject religion, but not moral enough to shrug off the state. Worse yet, he advocates for it.

    It doesn’t take a great degree of moral character to see the state is evil and oppressive. I guess some forms of propaganda are harder to shrug off than others.

  • Jordan Ashelin says:

    I thought that was Michael Hastings..

  • UltraFlashGun Trix says:

    Can someone please explain why this infidel is not being flogged?

  • elgar104 says:

    you’re trying too hard….and not succeeding.

  • Phoenix Oroboros says:

    “If there is a god he has to ask for our forgivenes.”
    – A jewish citat on the wall of the Concentration camp Auschwitz

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