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Bishop Paul Morton preaching at Azusa Continental Conference 2006 at West Angeles COGIC, In Los Angeles CA !!!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!!

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25 Responses to “Bishop Paul S. Morton | Take It…Take It”

  • lorilmohler says:

    Like it like it like it

  • KayKay37122 says:

    In response to CMP1e…
    I am going to make this short and simple…
    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. This includes Me and You.
    We have ALL done something SHOCKING in our lives at one time or other. You say you refuse to judge but you already have. May God Bless You. Preach on Bishop Morton in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • PastorWhitaker says:


  • CmP1ne says:

    why why why would you talk down on another denomination? secondly, God doesn’t even like denominations smh at Paul Morton. I went to his church as a child (before he got famous) and I know some things about this guy that would shock most. I refuse to judge tho because God knows the truth…sheep in wolves clothing I tell ya!!!

    Dont be blind people, inbox me if you’d like to do some research on Paul Morton. Peace

  • calledforhiswill says:


  • pastormuir says:

    Preach Bishop!!!!

  • henryhar says:

    Yeah IV had the lip all poked out and everything

  • henryhar says:

    @FroopieLoopies I couldnt agree MORE—HE WAS

  • Thagr8testlady says:

    MY GOD! MY GOD! PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • erichathy222 says:

    i need all the christian freinds i can get please

  • trusthimnow says:

    @medene I agree with u whole heartedly tht denominations should not be the focus of our salvation so to say “tht is what a baptist would say is a not accurate” I was raised baptist but b4 I’m baptist I’m a CHRISTIAN! I love the Church notice I didnt say I love church. I love THE CHURCH there is a difference. Yes Holiness is the way! GOD BLESS my sister or brother!

  • BigRobo31 says:

    Well Said medene. I does not matter what type of preacher you are. As long as the word Is a fresh holy word that’s all that matter. Bishop Morton and Bishop Patterson RIP are great Whoopers Bishop Blake can whoop as well but he is an Outstanding teacher of the word! The Bible say in Luke 6:37 the first two words of that verse says Judge Not!!!!! I going to leave it at that. Be Yall. Morton Preached up in 4 real!

  • tbursee says:

    If I was’nt scared of God, I’d get me some suits made , and take those womens money just like he is. But I know too much about God , to play with him like that.

  • tbursee says:

    Brother please , you dont know a con when you see it?

  • youngdamion50 says:

    be very careful what u say

  • tbursee says:

    Yes Bishop, take it , take it , take all my money so you can keep your family in a mansion and a bentley , and a private plane, while the rest of the congregation rides the bus , anddeals with layoffs. I teel you , black people, especially black women, always habve supported no good men, especially from the pulpit. If you want to build a big church, just lie to women. they will all leave the same way they came in. All except him. He’ll leave with more money in his bank account.

  • medene says:

    That is horrible that you say these things. I LOVE me some Patterson and Morton is good to, but Blake always brings a WORD from the LORD! He may not be the best hooper or shouter, but his words are lasting empowerment, not temporary entertainment. And whatever COGIC friends you are talking to do not seem to be trained in the way of the Lord or the church very well. Number 1 rule is you do not put a bad mouth on your leadership! The saints should always Bless and Curse Not! Romans 12:14

  • watup211 says:

    yea thats true and charisma goes along with preaching they rite way bishop blake may be holy but i hear from alot of my cogic friends that he cant bring the word that well and 30,000 members ok… dont say it like bishop blake attracted all those members..bishop morton is better anyway and bishop g.e patterson i bet you bishop patterson blesses more people even being deceased than bishop blake is being he is alive

  • Mwbelthrop says:

    @medene I’m not saying we should have a universal doctrine, what I’m saying is when I see all of these negative comments, it’s normally followed by the persons denomination. I say that the denomination is a work of the devil because we get caught up in the name and we lose our focus with God. we talk about other denominations, etc. Holiness is the way, but if we can’t get out of the negative mindset then what’s the point? Hebrews 12:14 also says “Follow peace with ALL men…” God Bless

  • medene says:

    A baptist would say that CRAP! Look, denominations should not be the focus of your salvation, however, they do mean alot in regards to your faith and how you believe. It is wrong to condemn any people, but it is right to join a fellowship that aligns itself with your beliefs and faith in Christ…it is ignorant and irresponsible to assume that all Christian could or do have a universal doctrine or belief system in Christ – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Holiness is the way – Hebrews 12:14

  • medene says:

    Wait hold on a minute…Don’t talk about BISHOP BLAKE…I don’t know what church you come from but here in the COGIC we do not function by Charisma – we are a Holiness Church. The anointing of the Holy Ghost is what moves our people – and Bishop Blake is the most anointed in our fellowship. You do not have near 30,000 members for nothing! Blake is intelligent, business wise, and very organized – he brings elements to the job that have not been present for a long time. God Bless Bishop Blake

  • lordschilds says:

    to watup211:WHOAAAA IDK what kind of AME Zion church you go to but the one I go to none of us preachers,singers bishop etc do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes I am a preacher

  • lordschilds says:

    Heyyyyyyyy watup211….Wat Conference are you in or church or whatever cause Im in Zion 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  • watup211 says:

    my favorite two bishops singing and preaching are Bishop Morton and the Late Bishop Patterson Hands down the best two preachers and singers i would kill to Bring Bishop Patterson back to life to be Bishop of my conference in A.M.E Zion same for Bishop Morton

  • watup211 says:

    another thing i hate is how most bishops think ther to delicate to jump up and down and give the lord praise… if the holy ghost is moving like that…. I dont know why bishops think their movie stars and cant do anything out of the ordinary… bishop morton doesnt care who looks at him weird he has a reason to praise him goin through all the tough times he went through made him a powerful preacher

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