Bleeding Heart?

Bleeding Heart?
Do our Republican counterparts realize that when they refer to us as “Bleeding Heart Liberals” that they are really paying us a complement?

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11 Responses to “Bleeding Heart?”

  • ya_staff_sux says:

    if you say so

  • Joshua S says:

    I feel Crazy

  • Che says:

    No they don’t because they genuinely don’t understand caring about anyone besides their own families. Ask a question about helping Africa and see what kind of response you get.

  • collinsk33 says:

    I will be the first to say I am Liberal but I am not a Bleeding heart liberal

    I’ve always considered myself more of a Liberal with Conservative edges. :>)

  • funkyjedi says:

    I’m certain that they feel the same way when the Dems call them “backwards, Reagan worshipping, Bible-thumpers”.

  • bobsayshi30 says:

    No. Please explain.

  • RayN-is-back says:

    I’ve heard i’m gay and proud O k But not for me and i’m not interest in you So your point is?

  • NickName says:

    I don’t refer to you as that. I see your angle.

    How do you squeeze money out of the tight fisted middle class? Tax the hell out of them and use the money to fund programs that “help” the poor. Then set up private companies that will provide these services at inflated prices.

    Bleeding heart. lol

    You make me laugh.

  • Sky says:

    They wouldn’t know a compliment if it bit them in the ***.

    All they know is racial hatred, bigotry, and fear.

    It’s become the hallmark of the GOP these days.

  • phxwolf2 says:

    Oh OK..Whatever…To me a Bleeding Heart Liberal is someone with out morals, believes in giving handouts to everyone no matter what, and does not believe in responsibility for ones actions; meaning if one where to commit a crime it is not their fault, it was due to being a product of their environment, and some mumbo-jumbo like that, etc. Now I am not a right wing republican either, I am registered as a Democrat. I guess I would be considered a Conservative Democrat who does not have the far left think for me, nor is money my GOD. (that was a shot at the far-right.)

  • Easy says:

    Its not really a compliment or an insult it is saying the liberals are more emotionally driven as opposed to logic driven. Thats why liberal policies usually defy common sense.

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