Can a non-Mormon get accepted at Brigham Young University?

A question from a reader: In order to be accepted at Brigham Young, do you have to have recommendations from an LDS church leader or have been attending LDS church a certain period of time? Or would it be possible for a non-Mormon Protestant person to be accepted there?

Just curious.

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20 Responses to “Can a non-Mormon get accepted at Brigham Young University?”

  • Trena K says:

    I think they will take your money and enroll you without requiring you to join, but why would you want to?

  • Hun-Ahau, El Tecolote says:

    You do not have to be a Mormon to go to Brigham Young, but I don’t know why you would if you weren’t.

  • D.M.L.M.C says:

    Anyone can apply to Brigham Young University but the tuition is cheaper for LDS and I would imagine, though they may not admit it, that it would be easier to get it if you were mormon.

  • Techno Destructo says:

    Why would you want to go there? Religious “universities” are usually unaccredited. That means that they have no degree granting power and you would be wasting your time. Go to a real school.

  • Joshua C says:

    You can definitely be accepted. You have to get a recommendation from an LDS leader, but any local congregation has a Bishop that can give it to you. If you are a good student and citizen you’ll have no trouble getting this recommendation. Attending the church is not necessary, but you would have to committ to live by the school’s honor code once enrolled, just like the mormons who attend BYU. Basically the honor code is that you will not drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex outside of marriage.

  • gumby says:

    You do have to have a recommendation from either your church leaders or an interview with the local LDS bishop. You might have to have an interview with the local LDS bishop anyway, to make sure you understand the honor code and things like: no drinking, no smoking, no premarital sex, etc. But yes, you can get accepted to BYU. And contrary to what has been said here, it will probably be easier for you to get in than a Mormon. But you should know that BYU is extremely competitive. I would say when I went most people had 3.7 or above in high school and very good ACT scores in order to get in.
    Good luck.

    TECHNO: BYU is an accredited university, just as are the majority of religious universities. I’m not sure where you got your info from.

  • lola g says:

    yes but it is easier to get a scholarship if u are mormon…i sorta ask a byu college guy that question.

  • zuboko says:

    There are actually quite a number of non-LDS at BYU. I don’t know what all goes into getting in but I’m sure that if you called them they could tell you.

  • whapingmon says:

    1. Yes, anyone (non-Mormon Protestant included) can be accepted to BYU, if they meet the pre-requisites.
    2. You have to have an interview with a bishop or local leader. It is primarily to discuss the honor code, which you must agree in writing to follow.
    3. No, you do not have to attend church before, during or after attendence at BYU.

    Here is a link to the freshman admissions page to see if you have the course work, GPA, and test scores necessary to get in.

  • Isolde says:

    A person of any faith including Jews and Muslims may attend BYU. It is unlikely a proclaimed atheist would be admitted. All students would have to take a couple of religion classes.

    Why would anyone what to go there? They are strong is certain fields like broadcasting and law. The students are serious about graduating. The campus is relatively safe. A parent can be comforted that their daughter is not spending the night passed out drunk in a frat house.

  • Kerry says:

    Yes. Anyone can enter. However, there is an “honor code” that a prospective student must agree to and abide. The honor code is an agreement that you will not use alcoholic beverages on campus, that you will not do premarital sex, and other activities.

    Non LDS students do pay a little bit higher tuition as LDS members pay tithing and some of that goes to BYU. Since non LDS do not pay tithing, their tuition is a little bit higher.

    You would need to be interviewed by an LDS bishop in your home town. They interview basically outlines the “honor code” and is an agreement that you know it and would follow it.

  • caedmon says:

    Yes, non-Mormons can attend BYU.

    You will need an ecclesiastical endorsement (must be renewed annually) but it doesn’t have to be from an LDS bishop. You will be required to take religion classes that probably won’t be applicable to your major.

    You will be pressured to convert to Mormonism. If you make it clear that you are not interested, some will drop you as a friend and others won’t care.

    You will be required to live the standards of the church honor code (see the BYU web site) both on and off campus. Violation may result in being expelled. If that were to happen, BYU would mark on your transcripts that you were expelled for an ‘honor code’ violation which other colleges will think means that you were caught cheating.

    BYU does not have a great track record on academic freedom. Philosophy Professor Jeffrey Nielsen was fired for disagreeing with the church’s position on gays and gay marriage. History Professor Michael Quinn was fired for writing truthful accounts of church history.

    Keep in mind that BYU will appear on your resume and employers will assume you are Mormon. You can decide if that is a good or bad thing.

  • gusgus says:

    Yes you can, the church has to meet a certain quota of “non-members” for some legal reason. Besides I don’t see why they wouldn’t let a few in otherwise.

  • mp says:

    You do not need to be a Mormon to attend BYU. In fact, all you need is to have an interview with your own religious leader regardless of your faith and have them submit an ecclesiastical endorsement. If you want to come here, you can! Cheers!

  • David A says:

    There are not only non mormon students, there are non mormon faculty. I believe about 5% of the student body is mormon. About 3/4 of non motmons convert if they attend unti they graduate. about 1/2 convert during the first year.

  • aprilchick70 says:

    Yes! I know many people who are not mormon who go to BYU and BYU-Idaho. I still think that you need to have an “interview” with your church leader.

  • Christopher K says:

    You can get into BYU if you would like to…. a lot of people are saying that it is easier for you to get in if you are LDS, that is not true… the chances of a white male LDS student getting in compared to others are very low.

  • Red Bear Cries says:

    you sure can!

    my brothers girlfriend is over at my house on this fine Sabbath day and she got her recommendation and she’s not Mormon.

    she then came home to have a lesson from the missionaries

  • Dalton says:

    Why would you want to attend BYU if it’s a religious school and you’re not a Mormon? The same reason you’d want to attend Notre Dame if you’re not Catholic: it’s a highly rated, prestigious university. Additionally, even if you’re not a Mormon, BYU is still cheaper to attend than most state universities, in-state tuition notwithstanding. BYU has the nation’s top ranked accounting program, a top 15% ranked law school, and many other highly ranked programs. Employers know the high ACTs and SATs required to get into BYU and that BYU grads are very high quality. That’s why so many people who are not Mormon try to get into BYU provided they don’t mind abstaining from drugs, liquor, tobacco, premarital sex and don’t lie, cheat, or steal.

  • Michael says:

    According to Wikipedia, Brigham Young accepts approximately 68% of its applicants. This is not very competitive. A “Competitive” institution generally has an acceptance rate of less than 40%.

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