Can it be said Christianity is more “Spirituality” than “religion”?

Can it be said Christianity is more “Spirituality” than “religion”?
I am a Christian. I have read the NT. In no where did Christ leave a denomination of Christianity with a wide set of specific Dogmas as a needed “religion” to follow. Although, yes, I do believe in the Bible as his word and that through him we are saved. I like to think that Christianity is a “way or life” “relationship/reconciliation with God”, after all by faith and grace are we saved, we no longer adhere to the “Law”, and we have the Holy Spirit. I don’t have quite clear the clear diferention between what spirituality is and religion. But I believe christianity is a way of life, and if certain denominations want to enphesize specific “dogmas” that aren’t in the Bible then that is false. I believe what we need to live from the Bible is in the NT. But isn’t this spirituality? I know Judaism (from which we evolve) was a “religion” but because of Christ we have evolved. Thoughts?
Frog, exactly my point. Does that infer then that this “way of life” makes it “spirituality” and not a “religion” ?
Champion of Knowledge, it seems by your claims that you know much about spirituality. Mind explaining it clearly to me then so I can carefully understand and make the difference?
Farsight, I see your point but why is it so wrong to say it is a relationship? Is it not? Of course one must go to Church etc, it’s not like I can just interpret it any way I want and never go to church, etc. But is it not a “relationship or a way of life”? Must we not learn from Christ and apply it to your lives?
Didn’t answer my question, just tryed to ignore it like politicians do. I asked “is it not a relationship and a way of life” are we not supposed to follow christs teachings? Yes or no. A real christian would want to apply the principles of Christianity into his life? Even if yes it is a religion.
Wow thank you lol, finally got a concrete answer. Ty insight for your clarification.
Wow thank you lol, finally got a concrete answer. Ty insight for your clarification.
Farsight sorry

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Answer by John quill Quill
Labels are tossed around carelessly.
By their fruits ye shall know them.

If you think the bible is enough of God’s word, you’re right;
it’s enough to send you to hell.

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