Can someone explain why those who oppose abortion also oppose contraception?

Can someone explain why those who oppose abortion also oppose contraception?
When people oppose something; they often support alternative solutions as a means to an end. However it seems like discouraging sex outside of marriage is the end in and of itself, is that true? What’s going on?

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Answer by David
Cons are crazy

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13 Responses to “Can someone explain why those who oppose abortion also oppose contraception?”

  • The Bootyking says:

    Some issues are better to keep alive for political reason than to actually solve. Abortion is one of those.

  • Mark says:

    First you tell me how many of “those” there are.

    You tell me exactly how many people oppose both abortion and contraception.

    Also make an effort to tell me how many laws against contraception there were before Griswold v. Connecticut compared to how many laws against abortion there were before Roe v. Wade, which is my REAL point.

    In politics, there is no point in “opposing” something but not trying to make a law against it.

  • Marshal says:

    not all do

  • railroad dave says:

    lack of access to any type of family planning is a proven method to keep minorities and the poor down . that is the real reason so many cons hide behind a ” anti abortion ” slogan .

  • Exposing Liberal Lies says:

    We don’t. We don’t. Except for the Catholic church. However, the issue is NOT if the majority that oppose abortion also oppose contraception. The issue is the government violating the First Amendment by requiring said organizations to provide, at the cost of the organization, contraception. NO ONE is saying people should not have access to contraception. We are saying the government does not have the right to force religious organizations to provide contraception if it violates conscience.

  • Dreaded Rear Admiral says:

    You do realize that only the Catholics hold that position, right?

    The vast majority of those “Bible thumpers” you love to sneer at are just fine with contraception.

  • ms manners says:

    They don’t.

    There is only one group that I am aware of which opposes contraception.

    There are many which oppose abortion.

  • expertgal says:

    I oppose abortion (baby killing), but have no problem
    with couples using birth control. Actually, I think they
    should if they don’t want to cause fertilization which
    could result in a baby being formed, in their life at this
    time. So, we don’t oppose contraception.

  • No religion in this pub ™ says:

    Who said I oppose contraception? I’m actually for women using contraception. What I am against is the use of force by the government to impose upon hospitals and physicians to prescribe drugs that they are opposed to.

  • Ken K says:

    Your assumption isn’t exactly true. Only the Catholic church holds that position, and yes, it is also official Catholic church policy to discourage sex outside of marriage.

    But again — this is a Catholic church thing, and it only relates to official Church doctrine, not the behavior or actions of all Catholics.

  • Mujer Alta says:

    It’s Sharia Law. It’s what God wants according to those who can read God’s mind.

  • James C says:

    The Catholic Church, being the religious institution that it is, deals with sin. So to no one’s surprise the Catholic Church, along with all the other Christian denominations, considers sex outside of marriage sin. Aborting a fetus just because it is not wanted in the eyes of both Protestants and Catholics is also sin. However, when it comes to the use of contraception the Catholic Church pretty much stands alone. Its official stance is that “it is always intrinsically wrong to use contraception to prevent new human beings from coming into existence.” This has always been the constant teaching of the Catholic Church. So in an effort to explain to you what is going on as to why the Catholic Church faithful oppose both abortion and contraception is because the motive for doing one or the other are the same, and in the end God judges the heart not the act. I hope this helps your search for the truth.

  • Rollingliketumble says:

    Because they don’t oppose abortion because they believe they’re protecting a poor innocent baby.

    They oppose abortion because they feel they are punishing a guilty slut who dared to have sex for pleasure rather than to produce children. Sexual pleasure is for men, not for women. Women are evil, and must be punished for the original sin.

    Actually, it discourages sex period.
    Sex becomes a privilege only for those who want children.
    Being married doesn’t automatically mean you want children.
    Most couples these days wait a few years.

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