Can you love “Lucifer”(Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions- chief spirit of evil)?. If yes, How Much?

Can you love “Lucifer”(Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions- chief spirit of evil)?. If yes, How Much?

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Answer by Tribble Macher
Whatever turns your crank.

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14 Responses to “Can you love “Lucifer”(Judeo-Christian and Islamic religions- chief spirit of evil)?. If yes, How Much?”

  • יששכר says:

    Lucifer has nothing to do with Judaism, so dont bunch us in with the believers of this silly character…

  • jessica t says:

    I’m a firm believer that where there is good there is evil. You shouldn’t open any doors that you aren’t going to be able to close. Your spirit is very valuable, be careful who you give it to.

  • KingDavid6268 says:

    If you are a Christian you have to hate Lucifer.

  • Sentinel 7 says:

    I feel sorry for him.How much,enough to let him go.

  • thetachi136 says:

    If you believe in Lucifer, then you believe in God. If you believe in God and serve Lucifer, you are truly the most retarded person ever to walk the earth. Wait till you get to hell then ask him how much he loves you back! I’m sure he will reward you with a nice hot eternity.

  • shafquatsheikh says:

    my friend put me in a basket because she wanted to become the first woman president of the USA…I told her to put me down…that made my cat really angry…hope that helps!

  • godzanointedgirl says:

    Well, go on and do whatever floats your boat. But do realize that satan is ALREADY DEFEATED and he will not (does not, never did) have ANY power, and when it’s all said and done, he’s going to be locked up to suffer in Hell for all eternity right beside you. Movies make this great image of him reigning in Hell, and make you think it’d be better to get in good with him now so you won’t have to suffer….

    Now you can choose to go the other way, but then, that’s in your hands.

    God love ya!

  • spanky says:

    not at all

  • Terry says:

    Lucifer is the minor God that gave fire to mankind and was chastised for it by the other Gods.

    Lucifer is also sulfur match for lighting cigars in the late 19th century.

    Never trust a translated book series that contradicts itself and shifts characters to sell the product via fear tactics.

  • howdigethere says:

    Some people do. If he were still “Lucifer”, I could love him. But when he turned, he became Satan, it’s all over for him.

  • livinintheword says:

    no… personally, i cannot, and am not required to

  • BONNIE says:

    Lucifer’s name was the original name God gave him before he fell. He is no longer Lucifer. He is now called the destroyer of life. Satan, the devil, deceiver of man, liar, roaring lion seeking to devour (souls). Do you really want to love something that destroys life?

  • Sarah? says:

    what are you talking about
    he is my enemy.
    I dont love him
    He is the one who is trying to divert humanity from what is right.
    and it seems as if it is working because of all the answers i see on this website…
    its very sad.

  • GreenKnight884 says:

    It’s interesting because the Bible says, “Love your enemy.”

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