Can you tell me the difference between Mason Bible and Holy Bible?

A question from a reader: What is the difference between the Masonic/Freemasonry bible and the Holy Bible that Christians use…?
I am thankful for all of your answers.
If anyone knows why the founding presidents of the US used the Mason Bible instead of the Christian one, I would also like to know this.

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10 Responses to “Can you tell me the difference between Mason Bible and Holy Bible?”

  • c says:

    The Masonic lodge has a King James Bible,so do the Mormons.

    But they are still cults as they do not believe or understand the King James Bible.They add to it.

  • Dr. zoOM! ZOom! JLA says:

    The Masonic Bible has the Freemason square and compass stamped on the cover. That symbol is represents the sexual union between a man and woman and represents sex magic as a path to enlightenment. The “G” in the middle actually stands for “Generative”. That’s not something I’d want stamped on my Bible. I learned that when I was into the occult, even though I wasn’t a Freemason. Now that I’m a Christian, I know I could never be a Mason.

    No, I know about Freemasonry. It’s occultic even though most members don’t realize it, and it’s for whites only. Scottish and York Rite lodges are not allowed to have black members.

    “Having, then, the same meaning and force as the Hebrew _yod_, the letter _G_ must be considered, like its prototype, as the symbol of the life-giving and life-sustaining power of God, as manifested in the meaning of the word Jehovah, or Ihoh, the GENERATIVE and prolific energy of the Creator.” The Symbolism of Freemasonry by Albert G. Mackey (I guess Albert Mackey doesn’t know about Freemasonry either. lol!)

    and if your lodge accepts blacks, it is the exception rather than the rule. The Freemaons gave up their tax exempt staus in 1975 so they wouldn’t have to admit blacks…it’s kind of hard to believe they’re not racist. Some of the “irregular” bodies accept blacks. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama does not admit African Americans to the Fraternity, as evidenced by the 2006 statement of the then Most Worshipful Grand Master of that Grand Jurisdiction that “he did not know of a single African American Mason among his state’s Masons.”

    Here’s what someone posted online last year:
    “I was a Mason in the Blue Lodge in the line to become a Master Mason. My lodge was a mixed group of younger and older men who met monthly. After the opening ceremony, it was a social gathering. A couple of us had a friend we wanted to bring in to be part of our group. He was black. We were told “they” have their own lodge.” “We will black ball him if you try it.” (deny membership by secret vote). I found the other lodges in my area had the same policy. I quit the organization at that time.”

    I know some Masons, and the lodge in my town has no black Masons, and they give the same excuse “They have their own lodges”.

    …but they’re not racist. lol!

    The early KKK had a lot of Masons as early members, such as Albert Pike, who was the Grand Wizard for Arkansas. The KKK often met in Mason lodges and many historians think the KKK may have been an extention of Masonry not unlike the Shriners.

  • aida says:

    It’s my understanding that Masons (English-speaking ones, anyway, I suppose) use the King James Bible.

  • Frank F says:

    Is there any difference once you open up the pages or it is just a different cover?

  • Lala says:

    You’ve got it wrong. Freemasonry isn’t a sect of Christianity; you don’t have to be a Christian to be a Mason. This isn’t another religious sect. Of course, being a girl I don’t know what goes on in their meetings, but I do know that all you have to believe to get in is a higher power.

  • cl_freemason says:

    There is no difference.

    A Masonic Bible just has some material at the front explaining the history of freemasonry and cites passages in the Bible from which masonic moral teachings are derived.

    additionally, not all Masonic Lodges use the KJ version, some, say those in Israel or India, don’t use the Bible, they use Tanach or Bhagavad Gita, etc…

    to some others:

    * c — neither are cults, your answer shows you know nothing about freemasonry or LDS

    * Dr. — your interpretation of the square and compasses is wrong, it has nothing to do with sexual union, the G stands for God… your answers also shows you know nothing about freemasonry is full of the typical anti-mason garbage.


    My Brother Eric offers a good explanation of the George Washington Bible


    To Dr. —- there are black members of the Scottish and York Rites; there is additionally a Prince Hall Scottish Rite. Your quote from Mackey supports that the G stands for God not Generative; as quoted by Mackey however, the two are not incompatible. God is the Generative force of all things. You are right, there are racists who are freemasons, sad but true. Albert Pike was not a member of the KKK — is full of garbage about freemasonry; it that is your source no wonder you have such a negative impression about freemasonry. I have black masons in my Lodge as well. most of the states also have full regular relations between mainstream and Prince Hall lodges. the racists are clearly in the minority; a shrinking minority.

  • J. R. says:

    It is as CL said, standard KJV with a Square and Compass on the cover, as well as a glossary referencing Masonic teachings and traditions to Biblical passages. We have added nothing and taken nothing away.
    Brothers of a faith that do not recognize KJV may use the Holy book of their faith (within certain parameters) for their obligations, but the rules about how and when this is ok can differ Lodge to Lodge, none the less KJV will always be present in the Lodge.

  • Eric S says:

    In reply to “Dr Zoom” who claims that the York Rite and the Scottish Rite are for “Whites Only”. That will come as a huge shock to the black members of my local York and Scottish Rite. “Dr Zoom” knows nothing about Freemasonry.

    George Washington used a bible from the Masonic Lodge because no one remembered to bring one to the inauguration. There was a Mason in the group who quickly ran over to the nearby lodge and borrowed the bible. Presidents afterwards have used that bible because Washington used it- not because it was from the Masons.

    The Masonic Bible IS the Christian Bible- they are one and the same.

  • I.B.RIGHT says:

    cl_freemason, you’re such a pigeon! You must be on the lowest rung! Freemasons ARE the KKK and even more evil than this – much more evil! Found the hoods and cloaks myself when I was a plundering pre-teen back in around 1973. They follow the evil teachings of Plato, the same philosophy Hitler used in the killing of the Jews. It’s evil to its core and the only reason the bible is represented at all is because they want to deceive the masses by producing outwardly something good when they are rotten to the bone. They ARE the wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned us about! I know this FIRST HAND so don’t even TRY to tell me that is not the grand elite behind the New World Order, One World Religion, One World Currency, One World Dictator, and the Mark of the Beast because I KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT that is the TRUTH concerning this EVIL OCCULT!

  • I.B.RIGHT says:

    Further, I happen to own a mason bible via inheritance and there’s more involved than the compass symbol. For one thing, the bible itself is NOT the good book! It IS the book of knowledge of good vs. evil. They’re so lazy that they don’t even study the begats in the bible to know that there are TWO bloodlines to Christ. One is false and one is true. If Mary was a virgin, how could she come from Joseph’s bloodline through Solomon, the King of 1000 wives and concubines of pagan gods? No! This is not so!

    King Jesus, the risen Christ, is of Mary’s bloodline only who is ALSO of the House of David through Solomon’s brother, NATHAN THE PROPHET. These bloodlines are recorded in Matthew and Luke. Matthew’s is through David to Solomon to Joseph who can not be the bloodline of Jesus because Joseph did not have sex with Mary to impregnate her with the Holy Child of God. To say Jesus is through Joseph is to say Mary is not a virgin and to say Mary is not a virgin is to deny Christ! THIS IS THE BLOODLINE THE MASONS FOLLOW!~THE PAGAN BLOODLINE!~THE FALSE BLOODLINE!

    Even most Christians don’t realize this because they go to churches and don’t study the teachings of Jesus Christ to find out the truth. These “pigeons” just believe whatever they are told with much withheld by their pastors. Why withhold information from their own congregations? Because the church was infiltrated by the Freemasons as the Freemasons rather than the KKK with those inside the church at the time having knowledge of who they were inwardly because of the racist views of the whites overall. They brought with them every form of evil and sewed these seeds into the church fiber so they have all become false. Even further, every church is a non-profit organization having to answer to the government or pay higher tax so that virtually every “soul” of every “church” has been sold to the “prince of the air.” The oblisks of the freemasons derived from Jezebel, evil queen wife of King Nimrod, father to all false religions and same as the G stands for generative reproduction, the oblisk with the circle at the bottom stands for male and female organs. The Freemasons are the most evil occult ever in existence.

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