Can you write a imaginary television news?

Can you write a imaginary television news?
Write a brief, imaginary television news “teaser” —a quick preview of stories that will be reported on fully during a later news program. Include at least fives names, using the guidelines described in this lesson. Include at least one proper noun, one proper adjective, one name with Jr. or Sr., and the name and title of government official.


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Answer by truthteller
Yours is the “childishness.”
Yours is the “sloth.” (Look that word up.) (I don’t mean a slow moving mammal that hangs upside down.)
Yours is the “dishonesty.” (Will you inform the teacher, who gave you this homework assignment, that you had it done by some anonymous benefactor, over the Internet?)
Yours is the “shame.” (You should be ashamed of yourself, that you take these dishonest shortcuts, ashamed to put yourself out to the rest of the world, freely exhibiting the sad reality of your moral state. At the very least, you should be ashamed of your inadequate, [and I’m being generous here], language skills and the sloppy way you write, especially after dictating the grammatical requirements for the homework assignment you are attempting to lay off on some willing participant to your fraud. )
Most of all, however, all of this is a shame, a shame that you lack moral integrity and self-respect, a shame that I have to point this out to you in the hope that you will make some personal assessment and choose a different path, and a real shame that our society has come to this, at this moment in time.
“Can you write (“an”) imaginary television news (“story”)?”
I, most certainly, can but I “will not” do your homework for you!

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