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Compare Christian faiths?

Compare Christian faiths?
I need someone to provide the main differences of each of these religions:
Please include in each their beliefs about heaven and hell, born again, holy trinity, and sins.
The more info the better!!!
I am a Christian, but I don’t know my faith.

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Answer by Avatar_defender_of_the_light
You missed Latter-day Saints which is a hugely different brand of Christianity than the others.

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View of Sydney (from The Rocks)

Presbyterian images:

View of Sydney (from The Rocks)

View from The Rocks looking south towards Sydney
Dated: 1904(Time: 14:10)
Digital ID: 4481_a026_000475
Rights: www.records.nsw.gov.au/about-us/rights-and-permissions

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Wedding at Stanthorpe’s Presbyterian Church, December 1872

Photographer: William Boag

Location: Stanthorpe, Queensland, Australia

Description: The groom was Robert Mungall, the proprietor of a local drapery called ‘The Working Man’s Friend’ and his bride was the former Miss Jean Farrier Matthews. Although an early union, this was not the town’s first wedding. That event had taken place a few months earlier, when a young woman who worked behind the bar at Farley’s hotel, ‘threw in her lot with a lucky tin selector’.

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Image taken from page 169 of ‘A History of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia. [With a map.]’

Presbyterian images:

Image taken from page 169 of ‘A History of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia. [With a map.]’

Image taken from:

Title: "A History of the County of Pictou, Nova Scotia. [With a map.]"
Author: PATTERSON, George – Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation, at Greenhill, Pictou, Nova Scotia
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 010470.e.17."
Page: 169
Place of Publishing: Montreal
Date of Publishing: 1877
Publisher: Dawson Bros.
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 002794314

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John Hartford – Presbyterian Guitar

John Hartford plays from his album, ‘Aereo-Plain’ – 1971, playing acoustic guitar & I took the video while driving down Piseco Lake Road on a timeless late f…
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Has anyone read a short story called “The Book of Sand” by Jorge Luis Borges?

Has anyone read a short story called “The Book of Sand” by Jorge Luis Borges?
I’m giving a presentation on this short story to my Non-Western politics class and I need a way to reference it non-western politics. Also, I have read it three time and still barely understand it so an opinion or two on its interpretation would be greatly appreciated
Sorry but neither one of those websites was any help at all.

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Answer by Crazy
Research Guides for Students.

“Student Researcher is easy to use, fast, and offered me everything I needed, just type the “Author’s” name and or the “Title” into the search engine. You can type in a “Key” word or two, that will help also.




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Church Presbyterian 4


Church Presbyterian 4

Knox Presbyterian Church.


Black and white

Published by The B.C. Printing and Litho Ltd.

What IS a Presbyterian church about?

What IS a Presbyterian church about?
And why do so many Native Americans belong to it?

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Answer by solarius
The Presbyterian Church, of which there are several different subdivisions( Presbyterian Church USA, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, the Presbyterian Church in America, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church in the United States and so on) is a Protestant church with roots in Calvinism, in addition to Reformed theology. Many Presbyterians adhere to the Westminster Confession of faith. They use a “presbyterian” form of church governance, hence the name of the denomination. As to why so many Native Americans belong to it, I don’t know. Most of the Native Americans in my area who are Christian are Baptists.

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Presbyterian Theonomy, Part 1

Deuteronomy 4:6-8.
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what are Presbyterian church services?

what are Presbyterian church services?

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Answer by Nisha
BOORING, thats the answer

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