CATHOLICISM Preview: Purgatory – Why Would Anyone Go Through This?! (from Episode 10)

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25 Responses to “CATHOLICISM Preview: Purgatory – Why Would Anyone Go Through This?! (from Episode 10)”

  • Ferko Mrkvicka says:

    Catholic teaching, nice to meet you! The Church teaches that we do not know
    for sure if there’s anyone in Hell. Yes, we can reasonably assume Hell is
    not empty, but we do not know for sure. Private visions of saints do not
    count. (As a Catholic you are not required to believe in private visions.)
    This uncertainty is part of the Catholic faith.

  • Kelsey Hillary says:

    I wouldn’t react too hastily in the way you understood this small fraction
    of a small clip of a much larger series and mans thoughts on one topic. All
    of which is a small fraction of much of the Church’s heart and mind spoken
    on the topic of hell. If you were to listen to some of the other videos of
    his this line makes sense. specifically: Fr. Barron comments on Hell (video
    on youtube) It is not really for us to say who or how many are in Hell
    father is merely keeping it open, rightly so.

  • Michael Albanese says:

    You’re correct! The next time you sin, you must kneel outside the entrance
    of your local RC church dressed in sack cloth and covered in ashes carrying
    a sign list all of your sins and begging fellow parishioners to pray for

  • Michael Albanese says:

    A penny in the coffer rings; a soul from Purgatory springs! Purgatory is an
    outright lie use by the RCC to extort money from its parishioners. Heaven
    and Hell are also lies used by many religions for identical purposes of

  • nuthajason says:

    agreed Jeremiah. I’ve heard the whole purgatory argument before. they will
    even quote an obscure non-cannonical scripture from 2 Maccabees to prove
    it. the fact is, purgatory limits God’s mercy, never allows a person to
    have hope or encouragement of their salvation and is the drive for a work’s
    based belief. even mother Theresa had huge doubts of her eternal destiny.
    the RC church is horrific. the whore of Babylon indeed. Come out of her my
    people rev 18

  • Jeremiah Sioson says:

    this what i hate, distorting the Word of God, where in the bible would you
    find it? it is clear that there is only heaven and hell. even the devil
    knows the bible

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 5) @DakotaY24 Billy figured the probability of breaking Mr Brown’s
    window was near to none. So he decided to continue playing. & soon, it was
    Billy’s turn to bat. Billy swung the bat & it cracked as it met up with the
    ball. Billy sent the ball flying through the air, high above the other
    boys, above the lot’s fence, & nobody was sure where it landed, until, a
    loud crash was heard a little distance away. then the boys realized the
    unthinkable had happened. (see comment 6)

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 7) ( to @DakotaY24 and whoever else who wants to be in this
    convo!) — Billy, hoping his Dad had returned home, burst into his house to
    check. When Billy found his father, he blurted out, “I’m so sorry Dad. I
    shouldn’t have ever played in that lot, esp after you told me not to. I
    can’t believe I just broke Mr Brown’s window. I’m so sorry. & I want to go
    over & tell Mr Brown I’m sorry too. but I’m scared of him. (see comment 8)

  • Drew Antidormi says:

    wow ,thats cool,i would love to do that, i like it

  • jonhasaheart says:

    This is an fairly large misrepresentation of what the doctrine of purgatory
    is. Purgatory is not punishment, but purification. It is being “saved, but
    only as through fire” (1 Cor. 3:15). If a Catholic – and the qualification
    of “Roman” is unnecessary given the fact that the Church is composed of
    many rites – fears purgatory, they fear it not because they fear
    punishment, but because it delays them even for one moment of eternity the
    warm countenance and embrace of God in heaven.

  • jonhasaheart says:

    You clearly miss the mark on what you assume to be the Catholic
    understanding, because when St. Faustina had asked those in purgatory what
    their greatest suffering was, “They answered [her] in one voice that their
    greatest torment was longing for God.” Regardless, your eschatology ignores
    the narrative of the Judgment given in 1 Corinthians 3.

  • laffiteaumusic says:

    @1rams123 would you like to view one of Father barron’s other video for he
    talks of hell more in other videos he is catholic and so is this show but
    nitpickers can always find something but what does denizen’s mean and would
    he have said it differently if he said occupants or if he was not trying to
    do this for PBS from a more objectional and honest perspective.

  • DakotaY24 says:

    Oh, I just mean “generally speaking” there are Priests who don’t administer
    enough penance. Some do, some don’t. I “try” to go to confession where
    they’re tougher with penance, though “sometimes” I get the easier penance
    with a less stricter Priest. It happens sometimes. You know, such as a
    visiting Priest, or one is traveling themselves.

  • Michael Bell says:

    Aux contraire.. Jefferson… You must take consideration to understand an

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 4) @DakotaY24 The very next Sat, Billy was out playing baseball
    again, in the sweltering heat, in the same vacant lot, w quite a few other
    boys. He just HAD to play baseball, he rationalized, as he wanted to play
    in the majors some day, & needed the practice. & besides — his dad
    probably wouldn’t catch him today, anyway, bc he was at Lowes. “And how big
    of a chance would there be, really, for me to hit Mr Brown’s house today,
    anyway?”, Billy wondered to himself. (see comment 5)

  • DakotaY24 says:

    OH NO!! LOL!! Funny!! Ha! Ha! Well, all your writings were interesting
    anyway, thanks:-)

  • nevermind257 says:

    I wish there was a way, or someone had a vid clip of the end of episode 10.
    After Father Barrons talking about Heaven, Hell, Purgatory. He talked w/
    the cameraman about the meaning of hell, and how it was just simply being
    alone. I wish that vid was avail, instead of dropping 150 on the

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 2) @DakotaY24 Does this mean we’re saving ourselves? Of course
    not. That’s TOTALLY preposterous. But we do need, as Catholic Christians,
    or as any Christian, to COOPERATE w God’s grace. We need to allow ourselves
    to be continuously converted by the Holy Spirit, and need to be on guard,
    as to not easily offend the Lord. We need to repent when we’ve sinned. &
    yes, sometimes we should do something more than just “say sorry”, even
    though we are 100% saved by Jesus Christ… (see comment 3)

  • richard solak says:

    Well now, so many ideas here. I’ll live my life as there is a hell and
    there are ALOT of souls there Matt. 7:13-14 the “Narrow Gate” JESUS SAYS,
    Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is broad
    that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How
    narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life, and those who
    find it are few. Ever been on a trip and made a wrong turn? Did it cost you
    eternity in hell? Don’t want to be wrong on this one, do u

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 14 to @DakotaY24 & whoever wants to b in this convo re purgatory,
    getting purged, penance etc…) Now, back to Billy & the broken window…
    So Billy & his Dad arrive quickly at Mr Brown’s. Billy’s Dad knocks on Mr
    Brown’s front door. Billy stares as he is now face to face w “Mean Ol’ Mr
    Brown”. “Come in, Boys,” Mr Brown says in a booming voice. “What can I do
    for you today?” “My son has something he wants to talk to you about,”
    Billy’s Dad starts. Billy lowers his eyes (see comment 15)

  • Krissy Knox says:

    @DakotaY24 Yes, we have great penances in my church. Some more examples r:
    reading spiritual books, doing something special for someone anonymously if
    youre unjustly angry at them, and have been treating them unfairly. Dakota,
    i’ll pray that you’ll get priests at ur church who understand the
    importance of good penances. btw, I’m a “new convert” to the faith, &
    that’s y i’m “in depth” in explaining my Catholic faith (bc i love Jesus &
    The Church so much), & that also explains y i’m a zealot! 🙂

  • Krissy Knox says:

    @DakotaY24 The Catholic Church specifically teaches that one is saved
    through Jesus Christ. The Church also teaches that we are to remain in
    Christ (as in, to continue to follow Him, and to be transformed into His
    image). Jesus Himself said neither formicators, nor drunkards, nor
    thieves…shall enter the kingdom of God. We must repent if we sin, and
    turn back to the Lord, if we are to remain in Him, and live w Him forever
    in Heaven. Does this mean we are saving ourselves? (see comment 2)

  • Richard Mazyck says:

    @BalladoftheWindfish WordOnFireDOTcom

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 11 to Dakota Y24 and whoever else who wants to be in this
    conversation, we are discussing purgatory, purgation, penance, etc.): “Do
    you forgive me, Dad?,” Billy asked his Dad. His Dad answered, “Yes, Son,
    and I think Mr Brown will too.” Billy wiped his tears w the back of one
    hand, looked up at his dad, & gave him half a grin. Billy’s dad quickly
    asked, “How about we get this over w now?” “OK,” Billy said” and out the
    door they went, heading over to Mr Brown’s house. (see comment 12)

  • Krissy Knox says:

    (comment 10 to DakotaY24 and whoever else who wants to be in this
    conversation, we are discussing purgatory, purgation, pennance, etc): As I
    was mentioning in (comment 9), Billy’s dad quickly told Billy he would go w
    him as Billy went to Mr Brown’s. The decision was an easy one for Billy’s
    Dad. Billy’s Dad thought very quickly about the many, many times Jesus had
    forgiven him! So Billy’s dad thought, “Why should I do anything less for my
    son, & ask Mr Brown to do the same? (see comment 11)

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