I love Charlotte’s voice. She has the kind of powerful voice that is needed to sing this song properly.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “CHARLOTTE CHURCH O Holy Night”

  • Michihiro Fujiwara says:

    very good

  • alex yohanes says:

    her voice is like an angel

  • 24AngelChild68 says:

    Very Angelic indeed!! Such beauty and grace. This is my most favorite
    version of all time and I really love her voice (It’s kind of a child angel
    singing). Her voice is really high and brings beauty to the ears. I love it
    and I love her and her voice 😀 Very lovely.

  • Anthony Christo says:

    Angelic voice.. Merry Christmas everyone..

  • Peter Day says:

    How beautiful her voice was. Truly remarkable at 14 years of age.

  • bow youngson says:


  • OddRevelation says:

    I miss her at this age, singing like this. So natural and pretty.

  • MultiPalp says:

    She was 14 yo (2000). Fantastic.

  • tonytony1337 says:

    Such an angelic voice. Definitely my favorite version by far; better than
    the various versions by Sarah Brightman (too operatic IMO), Jackie Evancho
    (though to be fair she is younger and her voice hasn’t had as much to
    mature), etc. Not a huge fan of “pop”-ish versions like Mariah Carey’s. As
    for the best tenors in the world, this song just feels better suited for
    the female voice, especially a soprano (though I did enjoy Domingo’s duet
    with her). So all in all, I think this is the best performance by any
    singer of this song.

  • Oscar V says:

    all year round!

  • David Nguyen says:

    So wonderful and so pure, so innocent, so beautiful.

  • Biondu Tanoman says:

    she is beautiful girl, beautiful voice, and beautiful personality…
    its amazing,
    merry christmas everybody, hope the lord will give peacefulness and
    happiness for us

  • Paul Jensen says:

    Merry Christmas again! Enjoy!

  • nedthegreat6 says:

    the part at one minute sent shivers up my spine, that is amazing

  • Wilder872 says:

    Truly gifted! 

  • Max Minzer says:

    Merry Christmas!

  • Susan Phillips says:

    how old was she when this was recorded?

  • Truong Duc Hanh says:

    Both her look and her voice are so beautiful :X Thank you for uploading
    such a high quality video

  • veerendra Kumar Dhiman says:

    God gifted vocal chords to a beautiful face singing the holy nights in such
    natural melodies tune. You are mesmerised by the singing.

  • Extreme Wakko says:

    She was 14.

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