CHINASA OKWU (1) ELIAS CHIKWE (Nigerian Gospel Music)

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16 Responses to “CHINASA OKWU (1) ELIAS CHIKWE (Nigerian Gospel Music)”

  • dymesgirl says:

    @koolchicco hahahaha yall r funny!!

  • onyiyechi28 says:

    really God is one inye akam and ona asaram okwu for sure thanks for posting song the “Egwu na-kpolam na mmuo.

  • misspetitpousin says:

    Oh Yes

  • lovingangel2k4real says:

    God ur the only hope we hav in times of trouble

  • belladona001 says:

    hahaha, i guess this song should be an old song from dat haircut… lol benin republic are keeping waves now oh…. hahaha u’re too funny.

  • koolchicco says:

    Remain blessed, Sister. Thanks a bunch for watching!

  • LilyRit118 says:

    I love this music and I am blessed today listening to it, I have been looking for it for ages. Thank you so much and God bless you for posting it.

  • koolchicco says:

    Joe Nwannem,I salute you.Please keep enjoying this lovely song cos its simply amazing.Udo diri gi!

  • joenwaenuma says:

    My brother Koolchicco GOD bless you, i love this song, those days i use to listen to this praise song 247, keep it

  • joenwaenuma says:

    My brother Koolchicco GOD bless you, i love this song those days i use to listen the 247, keep it

  • amukajnr says:

    Beautiful memories. So the guy was young as this when he was delivering these wise sayings. God bless u, whereever u are.

  • emmygold78 says:

    good one cant stop dancing God is good

  • tonydaymn says:

    why they give the brother that type of hair cut and make him look like benin republic guys?producers should know that this clips get to outside nigeria and should plss watch the videos before they of my best igbo songs though

  • koolchicco says:

    Mr Codewit i hail ooo!!Thanx 4 stopping by….So now u’ve left “onye inye aka gi”…Have u found another one? ha ha

  • codewit says:

    I love this song. He sound a whole lot like Chika Okpara. In fact, I used to think Chika Okpara made the music.
    I had a girlfriend named Chinasa then. I used to call her ‘onye inye akam’ afterwards. Hmmm I wonder what happened to her! Good days though.
    The lead singer has a nice voice.

    Verdict: Poor video, nice song.

  • amaraejobi says:

    Her voice is great wow. Outstanding message though

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