Christianity & The Westboro Baptist Church

Christianity & The Westboro Baptist Church

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25 Responses to “Christianity & The Westboro Baptist Church”

  • AWResistance says:

    Why should i as an atheist respect gays?

  • The Amazing Atheist says:
  • Xelger says:

    I keep saying the same thing that Jaclyn said here, that most people who
    think they are Christian aren’t, for the same reasons that she stated in
    this video. I just don’t understand how so many people can believe that
    they are part of a religion when they haven’t read a single word from their
    “holy” book by themselves, only taking in what preachers and such pick and
    choose from it. Hell, many may as well be called atheists. After all, many
    believe no other gods exist, and they ignore their own god’s “direct
    commands to them” in book form, so they essentially don’t give a rat’s ass
    about him either.

  • Devilyaki says:

    World needs more Jaclyn’s in it :3

  • Daniel Sjöblom says:


    Just basking in your awesomeness here Jaclyn. 

  • Worthy Redeemed says:

    Those who have Jesus always on their lips, and neglect others, are busy
    blowing Jesus.

  • Yewon2001 says:


  • TheRoninshaman says:

    Have you read the new testament? Almost every time I hear atheists talk
    about Christianity, they refer completely to old testament. Christ came to
    justify God’s law through his death. He hung out with prostitutes and told
    people to love each other.

  • TheWiseOldChinaman says:

    Bible consider women as baby factories? …. hahahaa… we still like you

  • Faye S says:

    I want you to be my baby factory. Without the babies.

  • XxGR3YW01FxX says:

    Saying the Westboro Baptist Church are real Christians is like saying the
    Al Qaeda are real Muslims. I agree with on all the dark context the bible
    carries and how it would deter others from it. However, if there’s a god
    that created all humans(knowing their limits and flaws) I doubt that he’d
    expect all of us to know EVERY single text, story, and aspect of the bible
    so that we could go to heaven. It’d be like being given a big reading quiz
    on an entire novella with only one week to study, with punishment of not
    graduating if not passed. 

  • KrissLucia says:

    It seems to me that Christians are only Christians because they are scared
    into believing, and once scared into believing, they try to justify it all
    by saying it’s all through love. And that’s why they like to tag at the end
    of their hate mail that you’re going to hell.

  • WolfyAmbassador says:

    This lady is fucking stupid. I am not a christian, but seriously. She’s
    saying people can’t be true Christians unless they obey and practice the
    bad stuff, while admitting there are good things in the bible. You say the
    Westboro Baptist Church are true Christians because they do a lot of the
    bad stuff mentioned in the bible as they should follow, but when Christians
    practice the good things mentioned in the book, they aren’t true
    Christians? What she’s saying is, doing more bad makes them more Christian
    than Christians who do more positive things mentioned in the book, even
    though there are both bad and good things combined in the bible. Wouldn’t
    following either way make them less of a true Christian?

  • 4T says:

    That’s a pretty ignorant statement that people dislike gays only because of
    religion. People don’t have to be religious to dislike gays. To most people
    it’s just appalling to see two men kissing, let alone fucking, while those
    same people have no problem with lesbian sex. So religion has hardly
    anything to do with it, unless you’re in westboro baptist church or other
    hardcore group. Most religious people don’t even know what dogma is or
    weather their god has something against gays. It’s rather natural for
    strait men to dislike gay men. Even girls don’t like to watch to men
    kissing/fucking. You have to be a basement kid that never goes out to deny

  • ChristianMetalFan100 says:

    WBC=More Christian ???
    Which Christian Bible is Jaclyn reading?

  • Joey L says:

    The Old Testament religion has been voided out by God and a new covenant
    has been made. We are living under grace and not under the law. Westboro
    baptist church isn’t Christian and they are more Old Covenant than New
    covenant. There eyes are blinded and they cannot see the true light of
    Christ. We as true Christian’s are to live under the new covenant which is
    grace and mercy, love, and forgiveness. Jaclyn you don’t know theology very
    well and when I watched your video it showed. The people of Westboro
    Baptist Church are still living under the law instead of God’s grace. 

  • ClintKad says:

    Why is slavery bad? srs

  • Worn Wanderer says:

    As a Christian who believes in many things the stereotypical Christian
    wouldn’t (evolution, right to gay marriage, and abortion) it deeply saddens
    me that many of my fellow Christians are such an insensitive and
    unquestioning group of people. I am fairly certain God allows other people
    into Heaven then just Christians, the way many people envision God as some
    near emotionless being who has no personality. I could go on but unless no
    one wants to listen to my thoughts on religion, science, and other
    theological topics but only if someone is willing to listen.
    Also new pope is best pope

  • iamihop says:

    I don’t think you’ve read the New Testament. Jesus would not have picketed
    a funeral; he would have gone to the family and comforted them and washed
    their feet or something.
    I’m really starting to question TJ’s ability to choose people to feature on
    his channel.

  • AllStateXC says:

    YES! I was thinking on this a few hours ago. ‘Extremists’ are technically
    the only true religious. Look back to the dark ages when burning of the
    stake was popular for blasphemy. That a true christian 🙂 <3

  • Proximo K says:

    Some Christians you know, do just believe in the existence and words of
    christ. Have you ever read the Jeffersonian bible?

  • Drumwannabe17 says:

    I agree with you basically 100% about this video. As a christian, people
    who do things similar to the westboro baptist church make me really sad for
    the state of the world. God called us to spread the gospel peacefully and
    with kindness, not with picket signs and hate crimes. Your comments on the
    worthlessness of religion are your own opinion so I won’t speak to that,
    everyone is entitled to believe what they want to. The one thing I wanted
    to debate with you about is the part where you said “oh and burning in hell
    seems like an appropriate punishment.” We are saved from eternity in hell
    through the grace of God, basically he said “yes, you could have this
    punishment for all of eternity, but here is an out because I know you’re
    not perfect and you make mistakes and it wouldn’t be fair for me to send
    you all to hell when you can’t really help yourselves.” Idk, I don’t quite
    understand why we were given free will when God knew it would cause us to
    sin but I do believe that God gave us a way out.
    Just some thoughts, you put out good videos, informed, knowledgeable, and
    backed up with evidence. There is a condescending undertone to them but I
    don’t really blame you because often Christians speak in condescending
    tones to those who don’t believe so I can’t really call you out on it
    without acknowledging my own faults.

  • TheJiminiflix says:

    I’ve heard enough, “Amazing Atheist” , you have never studied the Word of
    God and you CLEARLY make up lies about it!!

  • matt w says:

    “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich”–Napoleon 

  • Bujor Ovidiu says:

    God wrote a book and I am waiting for Satan to write one too to see what he
    has to say about it. LOL! As I can see it in the Bible, God lied a lot and
    he’s a pretty bad liar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Satan proves to be the
    good guy in the end. I think this could be a good puzzle movie, right?

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