Christians, do you expect nonbelievers to capitalize “God”?

Christians, do you expect nonbelievers to capitalize “God”?
I sometimes do it, simply out of respect (like during this question). Sometimes I even type “Him” or “His”. I usually just call the Christian God “Yahweh” to avoid some of the problem.

When referring to even my OWN gods and goddesses I usually don’t do it.

But do you expect other nonbelievers to do the same? Are you genuinely offended when they don’t?
I’m glad there there is generally a lot of respect in these answers. Thank you.

And, generally I see that it is more of an English punctuation issue. I think I will continue to write “God” then, since it is a name, after all.

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Answer by Preacher’s Neice
Are we forcing anyone to?

What do you think? Put your answer below.

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27 Responses to “Christians, do you expect nonbelievers to capitalize “God”?”

  • Fireball says:

    they should but we dont expect anything except maybe you could go to polls or halloween if you dislike relig..

  • J.Rat. says:

    No, I don’t expect non-believers to capitalize the “g” in God. Nor am I offended.

  • Quinn says:

    anyone who gets genuinely offended needs to get a life.

  • Seth Buchanan says:

    “The “he” is always lower caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaased”

  • Annie says:

    No mam , I am not offended…. I can tell the troll from the sincere that way….. I thank you and appreciate your respect…. I send and share mine with you…… go in peace…. God bless

  • Kaylie says:

    because God is a name, and we capitalize all names. its proper grammer

  • † Believer † says:

    some don’t get offended – think it’s silly that people do

  • mt75689 says:

    I don’t expect it, nor am I offended when it doesn’t happen.

  • Hipster Kitteh says:

    God and god have different definitions entirely.

  • johnny says:

    capitalizing means nothing, it just shows that we respect God in our writings too, nothing more, nothing less

    if you dont want to capitalize then its fine, it doesnt mean anything particular other than what i just said

  • AutumnWynd777 says:

    I am sure these same people capitalize their names when they write or print it. Showing The True And Living GOD the same respect is not asking for too much. And yes, it does bother me.
    Psalm 65
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    1TO YOU belongs silence (the submissive wonder of reverence which bursts forth into praise) and praise is due and fitting to You, O God, in Zion; and to You shall the vow be performed.

    Revelation 19
    Amplified Bible (AMP)
    5Then from the throne there came a voice, saying, Praise our God, all you servants of His, you who reverence Him, both small and great!

  • Prophecy Nut says:

    I am not offended because I consider the source, but thank YOU for being respectful.

  • Jana11 says:

    Nope. Not offended. Appreciate that you are so respectful though. God bless you. ;0)

  • Cheveldi says:

    I wouldn’t expect you to call him God, god would be expected. But then the question would stand what, which, or whose god. I guess if speaking to a Christian, out of respect or just to make sure they know you’re talking about their God and not one of yours then capitalising God would be helpful.

    So, in the end, it all depends. It would be the Christian god, or God depending on who you are talking too.

  • Think Outside the BOX says:

    Well, if referring to God, it is a proper noun (i.e. a name), and therefore, by basic grammar rules, should be capitalized.

  • laogoagen says:

    i wouldn’t capitalize “god” if came at the beginning of a sentence.

  • MissingJOKE says:

    I don’t expect them to do anything but it shows respect when they do.

  • Dr. Bob says:

    I’m a stickler for good punctuation, so yes, I’m offended that people will ignore convention.

    When someone deliberately doesn’t captitalize God, however, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. It makes them look petty and immature, but that’s all.

    Can you imagine what would happen if I didn’t like a Presidential candidate, and so I referred to her as hillary or him as barack? That seems rather small-minded, doesn’t it? It would make me look rather childish, wouldn’t it?

    If someone doesn’t care about revealing their own bias and making themselves look silly, it’s no skin off my nose.


    Thank you, laogoagen for illustrating my point for me beautifully (and note that I violated the rules of grammar to write your name as you do, which is only respectful.)

  • Shimon N says:

    you always should capitalize names I capitalize Zeus and Allah out of proper grammar not respect I respect people’s beliefs but not the false gods themselves also you could offend someone saying Yahweh too

  • Islam Delenda Est says:

    I’m not offended by it, but it is considered standard English to do so. You are correct regarding His proper name, but if one is using “God” as His name, it should be capitalized…not necessarily out of respect, but because that is how one writes names in English.

  • scooterpoop says:

    I expect all English-speaking adults to use grammar rules.

    “God” is a proper name, it is therefore capitalized. The fact that you have a personal problem with this indicates your own shortcomings.

  • Vikki says:

    I think it’s out of respect to capitalize it, however I’m not sure you’ll find (too many) christians who are that judgmental about whether or not a non believer capitalizes His name. Although I’m sure there are a few who would judge it. I’m more concerned about peoples eternal destiny. I’m more worried about whether they go to heaven or hell. I pray that every non believer finds hope and salvation in Jesus Christ, he is the only way to the father, there is no other way.

  • Filida says:

    Since “God” is the way we refer to our God, as in it’s our version of a proper name, yes. Proper names are capitalized. When the word god is used as a common noun, I don’t.

    When speaking of a god, gods, etc. with a different name, I capitalize the proper name as in, “Odin is a god of the Norse.”

    I just figure those who lowercase God when addressing Christians do it to show disrespect or annoy us. Meh, it’s not against the law. They can do as they like.

  • Teh Yahoos says:

    God is a general term a lot of us refer to… and Yahweh is a silly, immoral god btw 😀

  • -MsLocs- says:

    There is a difference between God and god.

    btw ….which “god” are you talking about. There have been thousands.

  • Azariah "God Helps" says:

    Thanks for your question Luna. I capitalize God because I fear Him, meaning I recognize Him as Holy and its like an awe/respect. Since nonbelievers do not know God/don’t nelieve in Him they don’t regard as Holy they would have no reason to care about capitalizing His name. So you can’t hold people like that to the sane standard bc its different so i do not get offended since I know thats where its coming from

  • eric k backup again says:

    When referring to the Abrahamic god, “God” is a commonly accepted form; even if strictly speaking it’s a title not a name, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim usage of the term in lieu of usage of a proper name (like Yahweh, Jehovah, or YWHW) is well-established.

    It all depends on context. As an atheist, I have no problem using “God”, and I’ve never met a Christian who objected to the use of “the Christian god” either.

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