Christians… help me evaluate this… idk what to think…?

Christians… help me evaluate this… idk what to think…?
Okay i normally only listen to Christian music, like flyleaf skillet and RED, and of that Its Predominantly worship from The band hillsong…
And don’t get me wrong i sometimes hear secular music and like it, but the ‘like’ normally fades after a repeat or two of the song. Or i have read the lyrics. But thats it. Its out of my life, if possible, after that. But recently i found one song that just isn’t fading, it seems to maintan its captivation on my mind.
every-time i hear it i think of that story from the old testament in the bible. The one where a family is a escaping God’s wrath for a city and the wife looks back after being clearly instruct by the Lord not too. And turns too stone… Also i have been into deep depression which is something this song talks about, i think…
I guess what i am asking is if this song is something as a christian you would approve or listen too, based off of Christianity and stuff…

Here is the song:

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Answer by My two cents
Music speaks to one’s soul. If you find a piece that does that, secular or not, than go with it.

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8 Responses to “Christians… help me evaluate this… idk what to think…?”

  • Ideacide says:

    You’re wasting your one life worrying if you’re going to go to hell for listening to a song? Surely, you think life is deeper than that?

  • Cymbal says:

    If the words speak to you, remind you of God’s Word, and you are able to draw from it, I would say it is a good song.

  • Lynda M says:

    maybe what you are listening to is bringing about conviction. Something you need to address with in yourself. Then ask forgiveness, then forgive.

  • rumbler_12 says:

    Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you cannot listen to other songs and enjoy them.

    The bible is filled with people just living their lives. they are not constantly doing something that is religious in nature.

    The song is fine enjoy it and I suggest you enjoy other songs outside of just Christian music. I seldom listen to any Christian music outside of when I worship at church.

  • Jayone P says:

    If the song is helping you and it’s not leading you into a deeper depression… Listen to it. Find the spiritual feed you can get from it and let it help you through the day.

  • BRoth says:

    First off, there is no such thing as “Christian Music”. Music is music. It’s a string of notes put together with rhythm, tempo, etc.

    Lyrics, on the other hand can have an uplifting, neutral, or degrading message. The words are the only thing that matter because it’s a question of whether or not your spirit is being edified.

    If a song is stuck in your head and the lyrics are not uplifting, then listen to a different song until it gets out. It’s not some big mystical spiritual thing, it’s just the catchy tune of the song. If I get “Hey Mickey You’re So Fine” stuck in my head, it’s not going to send me to hell… it’s just annoying. But it’s nice to have something stuck in my head that encourages me.

  • corrie says:

    And you care, because…………….

    You’re going to burn forever in a pit of fire for liking a song? Lighten up, mate.

  • Sean says:

    A pastor’s response:

    The big question here is whether there is a separation between what’s called “sacred” music and what’s called “secular” music. It all can get a little confusing when there are so many people trying to tell you what to think, but here’s the simple matter:

    God doesn’t distinguish those things the same way we do. Sure, it’s great to watch out for the lyrics to some songs because they will soak into you and impact you, but at the end of the day, music is music.

    Christianity creates a worldview in us, a lens through which to view the world. While we look through that lens, even at the things that aren’t “Christian,” we can find life lessons and parallels everywhere. Just like Paul said, don’t consider the things that God has made unclean. Be discerning, but don’t try to limit Christianity to a lists of do’s and don’t’s. A life with Jesus is much more than that. Enjoy.

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