Christians my 12 year old will be baptized by the end of this month?

Christians my 12 year old will be baptized by the end of this month?
What would you tell her is the most important thing to fully understand before she gets baptized? I hope that she gets that the baptism is only the BEGINNING of a journey that follows Jesus.

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Answer by Matthew
It’s important that she understands this:

Water baptism cannot and will not save you of your sins. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is given freely when you believe in Jesus alone for salvation. =)

John 1:33-34

“Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost.

And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God.”

Jesus is God and the only way into heaven. Please pray a sincere prayer with all of your heart admitting to Jesus you are a sinner. Have full faith that His blood pays off all of your sins and accept His gift of everlasting life. I pray that God blesses you with peace. Amen.

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9 Responses to “Christians my 12 year old will be baptized by the end of this month?”

  • Hayz says:

    Ask her if she wants it first.
    If not don’t make her have it.
    If yes she understands what it means and why she’ll do it.

  • Oli says:

    Your answer was great.

  • Pastors George and Sharon says:

    She needs to know that Jesus loves her and is here for her in good times and bad and that this is the beginning of an eternal relationship with Him that she can choose to grow as time goes on. She needs to understand that baptism signifies a commitment to live Jesus’ way of life and love.

  • Songstress13 says:

    That after she is baptized she should continue to develop a relationship with God. That God has many great things in store for her.

  • TasselLady says:

    One thing you should ask yourself before your daughter is baptized, is if she is mature enough for her age to understand what the baptism is about. I was 36 when I was baptized for the first time. My parents weren’t and still aren’t believers, neither is my sister, but I am. At 12, I wasn’t mature enough to understand who God was, letting alone getting baptized. Even my pastor said that baptism should be done when an individual is mature enough to understand what it is to believe in Christ and be baptized. If your daughter can answer some important questions you ask her about what she knows about God and Christ, then she’ll understand the reason for the baptism, and what it stands for. It’s your call of course, but make sure she understands who God is, who Christ is, and why it is we share that baptism. A baptism symbolizes being clean, and committing ourselves to Christ and our lives we live reflecting him. Hopefully this will help you prepare your daughter for what is to come.

  • When Flames Come Your Way says:

    Don’t baptise your daughter just because you’re Christian. Let her make the decision herself. It’s only fair.

    I mean, how would you like it if your parents were Scientologists and they made you pay the nominal fee when you were 12 years old? This is not only what you should do, but what the entire human race should do: let the kids decide when they’re much much older. don’t put any pressure on her. It’s not fair.

  • Carl says:

    Her baptism should be AFTER her trust in Jesus for salvation, if it isn’t, she will at best, just get wet, at worst, she will think that her baptism saved her and now she is right with God.

  • kj7gs says:

    Your daughter must understand that the person doing the baptizing, is not requesting permission to baptize. They are giving permission, and your daughter is asking. Therefore, everybody around that child, is assuming her faithfulness in order for her to be baptized. You can call it the beginning of a journey if you like, but everybody has responsibilities in this. The whole church is on that journey with her, you included, in your own parenting of her and setting the example.

  • Memster says:

    Congratulations to her. I would be sure she understands that the baptism is symbolic of our sins being washed away. There is a beautiful song called “Baptism” by Randy Travis that I think you might enjoy. I’m sure you could google it, but if you can’t find it, let me know and I will help you.

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