Christians- Why do you talk about “Baby Jesus”?

Christians- Why do you talk about “Baby Jesus”?
Baby Jesus does not exist anymore. Everyone was a baby at one time. But the term “baby Jesus” means nothing since Jesus died in his 30’s, so he looks like a 30 year old in heaven (unless he chose to look like a baby in heaven)
Baby Jesus is not a seperate entity form Jesus.

That’s like saying, “hey, it’s baby Johnny’s birthday today!!”

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Answer by Amy Paton
He was a baby on the first Christmas

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13 Responses to “Christians- Why do you talk about “Baby Jesus”?”

  • I Am Risen says:

    There is no evidence to support that a baby jesus ever existed.

  • Tim T says:

    Because around Christmas they talk about Jesus’ birth.

  • scotgirl60 says:

    Because it is remarkable that God took on human flesh and came to dwell among his people, being born as a baby.

  • So easy to dispute the liberal mind says:

    I will pray you find the peace and calm you are so desperately seeking. My sources can help answer your question and help you understand more. Have a blessed Day

  • Gandalf says:

    The last part made me laugh quite hard.

    But in all seriousness Christianity is derived from Pagan.

    Christians – Do research on what “Jesus” was before rage thumbing me down.

  • XY GTHO says:

    No one talks about “baby Jesus” unless they are speaking of the time around His birth. Do you not understand how a story or a song can be written in such a way that the action is currently happening?

  • ed f says:

    Baby Jesus stands for the time when God came down to live with men. We use it as a celebration of that event.

  • Arch says:

    That’s quite a straw man you’ve set up. Have fun running him through. I really don’t know anyone who talks about “Baby Jesus” except when explaining the Christmas story.

  • Jesus loves atheists too says:

    I don’t unless it is in context to what I’m talking about.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, God loves you.

  • Wry says:

    What about baby Peter?

  • Austin, TX says:

    Christians, like most people (believers or not) refer to “baby Jesus” when referring to the time when He was born. Don’t believe I’ve ever heard anyone refer to “baby Jesus” when referencing a point in His life as an adult. That said, just because I haven’t heard it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. Perhaps you should ask them when you hear it.

  • Pirates be real vampires not says:

    We just remember the day he was born and celebrate his birth on Christmas

  • c.a.b. says:

    CHAPTER 05—The Ransom—God’s Greatest Gift

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