Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey’s Last Interview

Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey’s Last Interview

Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey's Last Interview

By – Here is the last interview of the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey. I find him to be very honest in his stateme…
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25 Responses to “Church of Satan Founder Anton LaVey’s Last Interview”

  • raidacaipo says:

    Lucifer, Satan, he is the father of all lies… what makes you think Anton
    wouldnt be lying about child sacrifices and other shit? Cmon people.. 

  • Ecclesia (Brandi Hardin) says:

    Heavenly Father, in the name of Your precious Son Jesus Christ I ask that
    you anoint this comment and these words to open up the eyes, hearts and
    minds of all who read this and are deceived by the enemy to come to the
    knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ and Your eternal and unconditional
    love for every single one of them. Remove the blinders from the eyes of
    those Satan had blinded with his lies and darkness and bestow Your mercy
    and grace upon them to both receive and comprehend Your wisdom, Gospel,
    truth and revelation leading them to sincere repentance by the Holy Ghost.
    Father I thank You for the sovereign cause of these souls’ deliverance and
    salvation from the deception of the enemy and the kingdom of darkness, in
    Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

    With the power and authority given to me by Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
    I bind every demon and wicked spirit over this channel, video, and over the
    minds and souls of everyone under its influence and bondage to release
    these souls to receive these words in the name of Jesus to let them choose
    for themselves this day whom they shall serve. You have no power Satan and
    Jesus defeated you at the cross. Loose them now in the name of Jesus!

  • Darla Dwire says:

    I will continue to pray for men like him and anyone else who is trapped in
    satans world.

  • Slayze says:

    So many ignorant people here… Fuck your “God” and go fuck yourselves.

  • Scampergirl says:

    Scary fucker. Why would anyone want to align themselves with evil?
    Choose the light!

  • YellowTapeHD says:

    Fuck Satan He a little stuck up Ass bitch that got kicked out of heaven
    Jesus help these crazy pll

  • PRHILL9696 says:

    Brave brilliant man!

  • Vinton Lindo says:

    cred out for YAH on his death bed tho !!! 

  • Chris Eluhu says:

    SATAN Has no power period! MY GOD AND JESUS DOES AMAN!!!!!

  • death_by_toaster says:

    I go a Satanic related video and all I see in the commentary is butt-hurt
    brain-head Christians with horrifyingly bad grammar saying horseshit like
    “oh this guy is burning in hell like he deserves” and “oh lord jesus and
    the holy spirit” type shit .-. do you literally take the fucking time and
    look up satanic videos to post your bullshit? you’re practically rolling
    yourself in shit people.and aren’t you suppose to keep your religious
    beliefs to yourself? doesn’t it say that “Beware of practicing your
    righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you
    will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.” ? matthew 6:1-34
    read your fucking book Christians.Or better yet,throw that
    to even be a fucking paper weight piece of trash into a fire or something
    and start thinking for your fucking self and stop getting your morals from
    a 6000 year old book 

  • Sir Colum says:

    He was such a huge liar. The National Debt would be wiped out only if
    politicians quit wasting it & spending the money on everything they been
    spending it on making our debt so huge. 

  • Randel Jagasar says:

    he need serious help. HE MENTAL

  • Hans S says:

    I will continue to pray for men like him and anyone else who is trapped in
    satans world.

  • co44re says:

    Yo, Christians, stop wasting what precious little time we have on this
    Earth anticipating what comes after this life and spamming the comments on
    every youtube video with what you ‘know’ happens when we’re gone. We have
    this one and only chance to really appreciate the people in your life and
    the incredible universe around us before it’s gone, forever. No second
    chances, no eternal life, no family reunions in the sky, nothing. One shot!
    Please, I implore you, stop trying to shove your primitive life-view down
    modern, forward thinking humans throats, stop threatening people with
    eternal pain and fire, stop wasting your life. Take this small amount of
    time we have to truly educate yourself about things like the human brain
    and body, the cosmos, the real history of this planet, heck, even the
    origins of the book, and stories within, that you shape your life around.
    Doing so will provide you with more answers than any ancient tome can.
    Don’t fill the gaps in your life and intellect with god and religion and
    prayer, fill them with knowledge, and appreciation for This life, not the
    imaginary next one.
    The universe we live in right now is far more marvelous and awesome, in the
    truest sense of the words, than anything any religion claims, for which
    there is absolutely no evidence for anyway. Stop, just stop, being
    ignorant, condescending, stupid and lazy, hoping it’ll be all better when
    we die. Live this life!

  • Justice Cromius says:

    Even Darwin believed in God after 32 years of research, go test and
    disprove and be proven wrong or be lazy and never know, wisdom is key to

  • 77Avadon77 says:

    Lavey, the world greatest poser.

  • Elijah Warrior says:

    In hell, EVERYONE has a change of heart…albeit too late. You have sealed
    your eternal destiny forever when you willfully rejected the Son of God.
    Now you shall spend eternity in the lake of fire…

  • Ian Cahill says:

    What a fucking clown , enjoy your eternity

  • rockethead555 says:

    the man is now burning . .. Amen? . . . thats what he chose. 

  • BigDawg Cleveland says:

    Somethings wrong, somethings wrong here,no this can’t be….What have I
    done? Anton LaVey’s last words.

  • francisco diaz says:


  • Cheryl Kasza says:

    yes, I agree that churches should be taxed

  • a wackoworld says:

    WOW! you satanists or cynisists which I think is what you really are, need
    to find something positive, relevant and beneficial to mankind to do.
    Satanism is a defeatist cry for help, so get it. Get something good going.
    Make the world better, not worse.

  • Nex Saturday says:

    This nigga crazy……..

  • nonbreeder says:

    The Jesus nuts on here are causing me extraordinary laughter. They are so
    cult- like. Their intensity is scary. I think LaVey was cool and his views
    very logical. Very humane.

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