converting from catholic to episcopalian?

A question from a reader: I have been baptized, made communion, and confirmed in the catholic church when I was younger. I have deiced to convert to the episcopalian church. What steps do I take to convert?
I started going to church there, I was just wondering what the process would be like.

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10 Responses to “converting from catholic to episcopalian?”

  • ღ29 ωεεкş αℓσηg ღвαвч♂ says:

    Find out more about it

  • laslo.kovacs says:

    Should be a piece of cake—just go talk to the minister there. You should find the transition pretty comfortable.

  • B-r says:

    Go to a ccatholic church and talk about it with your pastor. when you commit a sin and feel bad about it. dont go to confession to have jesus forgive yyou an make you feel better, cus only catholics do that.

  • Deep Thought says:

    So what lies did you come to believe in?

  • space monkey says:

    You aren’t saying that you have been born again! All you are going to do then, is switch religions??

    Why don’t you look into Christ, becoming born again??

    Don’t just switch religions- be a Christian, get Christ!!! Read your New Testament for a starter.

  • Actual Answer says:

    I would talk to an Episcopalian priest about it. I think that it would be relatively easy to convert. I think that your baptism would be considered valid by them.

  • Corey says:

    I expect it’s pretty easy. An Episcopalian priest in your area will give you a detail explanation. Or, you could just start going to an Episcopalian church.

  • Rod says:

    From the frying pan into the fire?

  • denise t says:


  • David says:

    I would suggest to first start attending an Episcopal Holy Euc. Service for a while, read up on the history of the Epis. church and then if you are still interested in transitioning, talk with a priest or rector of the parish that you attend. Since most of the sacraments are pretty much the same, the transition should not be that difficult. The reason why I did it was because the Episcopal church is much progress than the Catholic Church. That you will start to notice.
    Best of wellness to you and God Bless!

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